Stormtrooper Joke

10 Jokes Guaranteed to Make Any Star Wars Fan Cry With Laughter

If you’re a Star Wars fan looking for a laugh, then you’ve probably looked in Alderaan places… ( ahem…) Well then you’re in luck and don’t worry, it’s not a trapp! We’ve got 10 jokes guaranteed to make any Star Wars fan cry with laughter. In fact, they’re Yodalicious


1. Shouldn’t This Come With Safety Instructions?

Luke Skywalker Joke


2. Too Soon?

Stormtrooper Joke


3. Eat The Kelloggs, Luke!

4 May Star Wars Cereal


4. Star Wars Conspiracy Theory

Alderaan Joke


5. Luke Skywalker Diorama

Star Wars toy joke


7. Let Qui Gons Be Bygons?

Qui-gons be bygones


8. The Greatest Ever Example of Obi-Wan Kenobi Cosplay?

Force Ghost Joke


9. The Most Dysfunctional Family In The GalaxyDarth Vader Dad Joke


10. A Little Too Much Information?Krayt Dragon Joke

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