Be Old and Wise, Not Young and Stupid 6 Critical Questions To Ask Yourself Before Creating A Website

6 Critical Questions To Ask Yourself Before Creating A Website

Introduction: Great Success, High Five!

Life can be cruel. Just as everything seems to be under control, it has a habit of sneaking up to deliver a swift kick to the balls. We curse our misfortunes, critique our failures and ponder if we’re that ‘special kind of stupid’.

As John Wayne once stated:

Life is hard; It’s even harder when you’re stupid.

For any of us to become old and wise, we must first become young and stupid. While this advice may apply to many different aspects of our lives, I often find that it relates to those in charge of a shiny, new website. They repeat the same mistakes as those before them: they spend vast sums on advertising that has little to no impact on their business, they waste their valuable time producing useless content that nobody wants to read and in some cases, continue to portray themselves as arrogant twats who have more value than the readers that they rely on.

Over the years, I’ve been involved in a number of entertainment/geek websites run by a mixture of self-proclaimed internet celebrities or ‘infamous’ reviewers. While some of my experiences have been pleasant, some have proven otherwise. Before I continue, I should stress that this introduction is not a long-winded rant, but rather to act as a way to identify the mistakes and misfortunes of others.

It’s probably at this point that you’re starting to question my credentials or have come to the conclusion that the author of this article is also an ‘arrogant twat’. However, I would like to highlight that I have been involved in the geek niche for a number of years and that I also own a UK-based SEO and website design company called Flash Bang SEO.

We help a variety of different clients from a number of different industries, yet while many companies strictly focus on visitor numbers and rankings, our aim is to increase our client’s revenue. While this may seem like a basic requirement from an SEO or website design team, the reality is that most companies focus on unproductive design or grab website traffic from any available source. While this may sound attractive, website traffic from Cambodia or Fuji is of little relevance to a small Italian restaurant in Scotland. After all, how many of those visitors will convert to paying customers? Furthermore, what use is a beautiful website if it doesn’t reflect your brand or is not designed to generate sales?

I often find that confident idiots are keen to share their regurgitated opinions with others, while the true players in the SEO and website design industry keep to the shadows. I suspect that this is mainly due to there being a lack of confidence: only through testing every possible avenue (and thus becoming an expert on their topic) will they find the elusive formula guaranteed to bring success. It isn’t very often that I come across information that I feel is valid or will improve my existing skills and while this may make me sound arrogant, I suspect that many of you feel the same way – regardless of the topic that the website covers.

As our regular readers will note: At Tha Movies is completely different from other traditional geek related websites and since our relaunch last year, we’ve been very open about the different aspects of running our website. . While this information may be of little interest to some, it has served as a prelude and testing ground to this article;  to ensure what we present to our readers is of value to them. In other words… we want you to be old and wise instead of young and stupid.

To avoid the latter, we have provided you with 6 critical questions to ask yourself before creating a website.

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