Feel The Force Day

The Adventures of JJ and Jimmy: Feel The Force Day

I’m JJ and my best friend is Jimmy. Together, we founded the community interest company 1st Sensory Legion and while we both love television and film, Jimmy was born deaf and latterly went blind. Now 45, he’s still able to enjoy films, but they can be hard work as he uses a special type of sign language called: Deafblind Manual. This requires every word to spelt out onto the palm of his hand.

The last film Jimmy remembers seeing at the cinema was Jaws... oh and a film about a big red devil! (I think it might be Legend). Despite his disability, Jimmy is very passionate about films. We travel around meeting new people and discovering new characters through cosplay, with some allowing Jimmy to feel their costumes.

“Your Organisation sounds extraordinary – we commend you for putting on such a wonderful events”

Through touch, Jimmy is able to understand what the characters and props look like. Thus adding a whole new dimension to the films we watch together.

Star Wars continues to be one of our favorite films and we recently organised a special event called: Feel The Force Day. Held in Peterborough, it was attended by over 400 people including 170 toddlers with learning or sight disabilities. It was a hands-on event focused on costumes, jars containing Star Wars “smells”, “real Wookie fur” and a large collection of Star Wars toys. This allowed Jimmy and others like him to discover and understand what the costumes, props and droids on-screen look like.

We were lucky to have some special guests attend the event including Warrick Davis, who starred as Wicket in Return of The Jedi. Their participation as well as those dressed in costume, helped created a lot of awareness for our cause and the event. It was also an opportunity to have some great fun.

Thank you to everyone involved. You’re the reason why Jimmy and others in his position discovered something new and magical about Star Wars.


Article by: JJ and Jimmy

Donations towards their next event can be made here: 1st Sensory Legion or: Extreme Clowning

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