Avengers vs. X-Men: X-Men Legacy TPB (38% OFF)

Avengers vs. X-Men X-Men Legacy
Avengers vs. X-Men X-Men Legacy

Avengers vs. X-Men: X-Men Legacy is due out this week in the US on April 30th 2013 and is already available in the UK. Please note that some retailers have the US version being released on April 17th 2013.

US orders have a staggering 38% off whle the UK has a massive 20% off with free shipping.

Links to buy the graphic novel are below:

By: Christos N. Gage, Rafael Sandoval, Mark Brooks
Type: Graphic Novels
Genres: Superhero
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Pub. Date: April 17, 2013
Availability: Available
UPC: 978078516587352999

Avengers She-Hulk, Falcon and Moon Knight are tasked with securing the Jean Grey School – but Rogue and her team of X-Men aren’t too happy about it!
Then, as the war between the Avengers and the X-Men rages on, Frenzy’s past is revealed – and Rogue confronts hers head-on as she battles Ms. Marvel in a clash that will leave one woman with a changed allegiance!

Plus: Trapped in another world and in the clutches of the terrifying Swarm, Rogue struggles to end a conflict between two alien tribes and stay alive long enough to find a way home! But with the Phoenix poised to raze Earth, will she make it in time? Finally, Rogue is reunited with Magneto – and he’s got an offer that will leave her speechless.

This title collects
X-MEN LEGACY (2008) #266-275.

Avengers vs. X-Men: X-Men Legacy (Avengers/X-Men) £18.00 FREE Delivery UK (RRP £22.50)
Avengers vs. X-Men: X-Men Legacy $18.49 US (RRP $29.99)

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