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Black Alpha Is More Popular Than Star Wars

Black AlphaUntil a few months ago, very few comic-book enthusiasts had ever heard of Black Alpha;  a coming of age tale that splices together ancient mythology, traditional heroes and an oppressive evil force.  The comic-book is set within an expansive universe populated  with exotic worlds, intriguing creatures, and characters that are, at their core, easy for the reader to identify with.

Black Alpha is Tom Rasch’s Star Wars: a pop culture phenomenon in the making, and despite the first issue of his series having only been on sale for a mere couple of months, it has taken the internet by storm. A plethora of enthusiastic and excited reviews have followed its release and despite being independently distributed, Tom is unable to meet the demands of his fans.

Fans, now dubbed ‘Alphans’, have been so enthralled with the comic-book series that they are buying multiple copies for their friends, requesting specially signed copies, and in many cases taking to social media to celebrate that they are some of the lucky few to own a copy of the comic-book.

A recent and high-profile addition to the Alphans is the astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Aldrin has been on social media himself to share pictures of various pieces of memorabilia and a chance meeting with series creator Tom Rasch.

Black Alpha’s posters, prototype toys and t-shirts have become regular features on the US smash-hit comedy series The Big Bang Theory. Tom’s spaceships, powered suits and comic-book art mingle on the television series sets alongside Tie-Fighters, vintage Star Trek toys and Marvel’s iconic heroes.

Taking note of the series’ growing domination within the comic-book industry,  USAToday struck a deal to publish the first issue on their website. Each week, the media giants have progressively revealed new pages. Black Alpha has become so popular on USAToday that it promptly became the second most read article on their website and has since been shared on social-media by thousands of newly engaged fans.

While many parallels can be drawn with the Star Wars franchise, what is notable is that readers of the online publication have been far more interested in Black Alpha.  While Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars Episode VII continue to be popular on social media, they have only managed to conjure a few hundred shares on USAToday; a mere pittance in comparison to Black Alpha. It is therefore easy to conclude that Black Alpha has become more popular than Star Wars.

In truth, the comic-book has some way to go before it can challenge the likes of Star Trek, Doctor Who or Guardians of the Galaxy.  However, movie producers, animation studios and video game companies have taken note of Black Alpha. Viewing the property as a potential franchise and financial juggernaut, there are numerous animation tests and 3D rendered models that have leaked online, further building anticipation and hype for the series.

It’s surreal and exciting to think that in a few years from now, few will remember a world without Black Alpha.

Chris McCarron

I'm an angry Scotsman, fanatical about Doctor Who with a savage hunger for comic-books and an unrivalled passion for video games.

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9 thoughts on “Black Alpha Is More Popular Than Star Wars

  1. You fail to see the fact that Star Wars is MUCH bigger than two posts. There are 7 movies in the Star Wars universe, about to be 10, with 3 others in planning. There are 2 animated series, 1 holiday special, Robot Chicken special, Family Guy special, and another animated series in the works. Plenty of books and comics, both official and unofficial. One of the biggest franchises in terms of action figures. And the toys don’t stop at that, with Star Wars quickly becoming one of the most popular and most successful ranges of LEGO sets ever.

    Based on social popularity, the official Star Wars page on Facebook is amongst the most popular, with almost 11 million likes. Add to this the thousands of fan pages, hundreds of which have thousands of likes themselves. Add to that again the hundreds of very active Star Wars groups on Facebook, several of which have tens of thousands of members; for a Facebook group that’s huge.

    If this is a money thing, Disney just purchased Star Wars for $4 billion dollars. Star Wars episode 4, adjusted to inflation, is in the top 5 highest grossing films of all time. The net worth of the Star Wars universe is above $30 billion dollars.

    Not to mention that without Star Wars, a lot of the sci-fi fandom’s wouldn’t even exist. Including Black Alpha, now, by the sounds of things.

    1. I said ‘more popular’ not that it’s bigger. The article also concludes with me stating that in reality, Black Alpha has quite a bit to go before it could ever come close to Star Wars or any other well known Sci-Fi series.

  2. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have heard Tom, the creator, talk about this world he has fleshed out – if only in his head, and I was hooked. I could always appreciate the skill needed for the artwork that goes into comic books, but I’ve never _had_ to read them. Well, now I want to know more about the storyline.

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