Blind Star Wars Fans Create Star Wars Stormtrooper Costumes By Touch

Blind Star Wars Fans Handcraft Star Wars Stormtrooper Costumes By Touch

Despite being blind, identical twins Steve and Paul Vye-Parminter have managed to handcraft Star Wars Stormtrooper costumes by touch.

Both of the 40-year-old twins suffer from Retinitis Pigmentosa: a rare genetic condition that limits their vision to six inches. Despite being visually impaired, the twins used touch to create their life-sized replicas that each consist of 45 pieces made from paper mache and then coloured by using old tea bags.

“I think because we are registered blind it pushes us more to do it… if we are doing our work we get close to it. We tend to use our hands a lot as well for feeling to see if something is solid and straight.

The twins then shared the reasons behind creating Stormtrooper costumes:

“We were brought up on Star Wars and our parents used to buy us the figures – that’s where it came from really. It is just a childhood thing and the Stormtrooper suits is just something that’s so iconic.”

Additional details were added to their Star Wars costumes by using spare parts from old stereos and plastic bottles. This authentic look has led to the brothers having had requests from Star Wars fans to make bespoke costumes. However, the original versions took the twins almost three months to craft and as for now, they are unable to identify a way to mass produce them.

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