Chimichanga Talk Joins At Tha Movies

Chimichanga Talk Joins At Tha Movies

Chimichanga Talk Joins At Tha MoviesIn anticipation of the relaunch of At Tha Movies, each day we will showcase some of the new exciting changes on the horizon for our website as well as those who have now become a part of our team. While high quality written articles are of paramount importance, we fully welcome unique content from a variety of different mediums. In the future, we look forward to producing and being a part of video content, VOD content, downloadable comic-books and online podcasts.

We are delighted to announce that the highly popular podcast, Chimichanga Talk, will be joining At Tha Movies. The podcast is hosted by the charismatic duo known as Deadpool Speaks and The Great Wang and in recent months, the show has gone from strength to strength, entertaining thousands of listeners each week.

Chimichanga Talk covers a variety of different topics including film, comic-books, novels, television and more. In recent months, the podcast has interviewed a number of high-profile actors, authors and comic-book creators while also helping to fund a number of Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns.

The podcast has a very bright future and it will shortly to go through a number of exciting additions and expansions that we believe will help cement Chimichanga Talk as one of the most listened to ‘geek’ podcasts in the world.

Please feel free to follow and introduce yourself to the team behind Chimichanga Talk here: Chimichanga Talk Facebook


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