Twilight Zone #3 Comic-Book Review cover

Comic-Book Review: Twilight Zone #3


Title: Twilight Zone #3
Covers: Francesco Francavilla
Writer: J. Michael Straczynski
Art: Guiu Vilanova
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Twilight Zone #3 Plot Synopsis:

When Trevor Richmond left behind his old life, the last thing he expected was that someone else might move in to take his place. But that’s exactly what has happened. Who is the man everyone now knows as Trevor? Where did he come from, and maybe more to the point… what does he want? The secrets are revealed right here…

Twilight Zone #3 Comic-Book Preview:

Twilight Zone #3 Comic-Book Review Twilight Zone #3 Comic-Book Review Twilight Zone #3 Comic-Book Review

Twilight Zone #3 Comic-Book Review:

(This is my first comic-book review in English… Please don´t be cruel!)

What would you do if your life was changed by somebody else, without any proof that you’re the person you once were?

Damon Ross, a storage clerk and a highschool dropout: struggles to pay his rent and to put food on his table. Twilight Zone #3 begins with Ross having health issues, which after a consultation with a doctor, learns that he has stage three bone cancer; a fatal disease that is inoperable and has a maximum life expectancy of three years.

Upon learning this, Damon attempts to end his suffering by choosing to commit suicide. After a number of failed attempts, the organisation, ESL, offers Damon the opportunity to spend his remaining years living the life of Trevor Richmond who is awaiting a trial set to begin in three year’s time. Trevor is an ESL client who is pitched to Damon as person looking to escape their high-profile, yet luxurious lifestyle. Damon agrees to spend his remaining years under the guise of this new identity. However, it would appear that Trevor isn’t entirely happy with the scenario.

J.M. Straczynski has written a spectacular script for the penultimate issue of Dynamite Entertainment’s Twilight Zone series. This wonderful script is accompanied by the haunting artwork by Guiu Vilanova and Vinicius Andrade that at times, reminds me of an earlier Alex Maleev. This combination enhances the tone and writing style of Stracynski and leaves the reader wanting more, making Twilight Zone #3 a must have comic-book for anyone that is already following the series. However, new readers should note that this storyline will conclude in Twilight Zone #4.

Comic-book review by: Roberto Cota Briceño

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