Create A Website Spider Diagram

Create A Website Spider Diagram

The final stage isn’t so much a question, but rather an exercise: to create a website spider diagram. A spider diagram is a useful technique to map out the different stages of your website. This blueprint allows you to visualise how you will design your new website’s content and to also act as a reminder to which direction you should be headed in the future.

On a piece of paper, write your website’s simple tagline in the center of the page. Spidering from your tagline: add all of the different factors that will make your content stand out from what competitors are presently providing. (i.e. tone, writing style, medium etc) Now add all of the forms of content that you will intend to launch with. Finally write down what you would like your website to include in the future. (i.e. ebooks, VOD content, distribution, authority in your niche etc)

Regardless of the length of time it takes, always ensure that the general emphasis of your website is based upon how you reach your end goal.

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