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Darkness Rebirth Vol. 02 TPB (52% OFF)

Darkness Rebirth TPB Vol. 02
Darkness Rebirth TPB Vol. 02

Darkness Rebirth has been getting some staggering reviews with more reviewers giving it 5 out of 5.

Darkness Rebirth Vol. 02 TPB is due out this week in the US and is already available in the UK.

US orders have a staggering 52% off whle the UK has a massive 44% off with free shipping.

Links to buy the graphic novel are below:

By: David Hine, Jeremy Haun
Type: Graphic Novels
Genres: Superhero
Publisher: Image Comics
Pub. Date: April 17, 2013
Availability: Pre-Order
UPC: 978160706672951799
For ages: 16+

Jackie Estacado never feared much of anything, except the Darkness itself. Then the rules changed. Rival Bulgarian gangs are starting to encroach upon his turf. Jackie’s wife, Jenny, is losing her mind. Jackie is no longer the host to the Darkness and with everything cracking at the seams he has neglected to notice that his daughter, Hope, has something terribly, terribly wrong with her. Jackie thought he was invincible, but he will soon learn that there are things in this world that even the Darkness should fear.

This title collects

The Darkness Rebirth Volume 2 TPB £7.59 FREE Shipping UK (RRP £13.50)
The Darkness Rebirth Volume 2 TPB $8.71 US (RRP $17.99)

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