Disney Release Frozen's 'Let It Go' For Academy Award Nomination

Disney Release Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ For Academy Award Nomination

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Frozen set the record for the highest grossing opening weekend by an animation produced by Walt Disney Studios. In a bid to help gain a nomination for the film’s musical sequence: Let It Go, the studio has released the scene online and in its entirety.

Due to the immense popularity of the film, industry professionals are already predicting that Let It Go is the frontrunner to win an Oscar for Best Original Song. However, it has been well documented that Academy Members vote for films without having seen it or having watched all of the films within a category.  Disney is concerned that voters may gloss over Frozen in favor of focusing their attention on more widely recognised films.

Frozen continues to generate positive buzz from fans and critics alike. Early indications suggest that Frozen will continue to dominate the US box-office for a second week. With the release of Let It Go online, there is every chance that the animation will become a ‘must watch‘ film for Academy voters.

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