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Down The Shore Blu-ray Down The Shore Blu-ray[/caption]

Down The Shore Blu-ray Review:
I haven’t had the chance to see Down The Shore which oddly doesn’t have a trailer. There is only a showreel available of the film which in an odd way has sparked my curiousity to see it.
Amazon has the following review:
This small independent film puts Sopranos’ star James Gandolfini back in northern New Jersey in a small seaside resort town (which is never identified by name.) This time he is not a gangster but a single guy, who once had a high school sweetheart (the girl who, literally, lived next door) but she married one of his “best friends”. He now runs the train ride in the small amusement park owned by that “friend”. When his sister goes off to Paris and doesn’t come back he is forlorn until a man from France comes to visit him and ends up changing his life forever. To tell you any more would spoil the surprises and drama that seep out slowing in the 93 minute film. Gandolfini gets a lot of screen time and his range of emotions is well chosen. The rest of the cast is excellent two including actress Famke Janssen (X-men) as the former girlfriend, now the mother of a developmentally disabled teenager.
I’m sure this film played very few theaters but it’s the kind of film that’s great to discover on home video. No Oscars here but a story that will keep you interested.

It’s interesting that even the Blu-ray version – which really didn’t appear to be very HD – has no extra features or bonuses – not even the trailer. There are both English and Spanish subtitles.

Steve Ramm

Down the Shore [Blu-ray]

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