From Dusk Till Dawn TV Series

El Rey Network Release From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series Trailer

El Rey Network have released the first trailer for their forthcoming television series: From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series.

Similar to the plot of Robert Rodriguez’s cult classic, (of the same title) the pilot episode introduces the notorious Gecko Brothers who are on the run after escaping from jail. After a series of misfortunate incidents, the brothers take over Beny’s World of Liquor – an event in the plot that would suggest that the pilot episode will not stray far from the original source material.

The pilot episode will also introduce a number of new characters including: Vannessa Styles who is a mysterious woman from Seth’s past and Professor Aiden Tanner. (played by Jake Busey) Tanner is an eccentric professor who specialises in Mesoamerican mythology including it’s fascination with vampires.

It’s far too early to pass judgement on a television series that is yet to air a single episode. However, From Dusk Till Dawn is not a flawed film that lacks a fan base or is deemed no longer relevant to today’s audience. (both of which went in favor of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Bates Motel)

It’s disappointing to learn that existing characters will be tampered with and that the television series will not include any of the original cast. While in some cases this is perfectly excusable, it does raise questions about the production’s budget and the creative intentions behind the series.

The reasons behind the series focusing on The Gecko brothers is both obvious, yet equally mystifying. The television series is an obvious reenactment of the film that leads the viewer to the conclusion that the source material is no longer relevant as the events of film never actually happened. This is a ludicrous expectation and a decision that forces me to compare the performances, creative decisions and production values of both properties. As the film is not dated, had a larger budget, is still appealing to viewers and has a strong following, there will only ever be one victor.

Common sense dictates: if a television series is reliant on the brands From Dusk Till Dawn, Robert Rodriguez and to an extent, Quintin Tarantino, then it should in not cheapen their importance. Bizarrely, El Rey Network (established by Rodriguez) states that the events of the film did not happen, that Quintin Tarantino’s role needs to be recast (suggesting that he lacks the acting ability for the role) and indicates that Rodriguez’s creation is out of date and requires a reboot to appeal to a modern audience – all of which I expect the network wants to avoid.

I fail to understand why the creative team behind the series cannot simply expand the Universe of the characters, make reference to the events of the film (i.e. news reports about Seth Gecko) and introduce a few minor cameos.  This not only appeals to audience nostalgia, but becomes a valuable tool to boost ratings.

I’m trying to not sound like a pissed off fanboy or an arrogant twat… However, if those behind El Rey Network did not identify or seek to address the above issues, then they do not understand the audience they are attempting to target. It’s not rocket science, it doesn’t require audience testing, market research or 300 letters after your name to realise the fundamental complications that will arise from regurgitating a classic horror film as a low-budget television series.

A clear indication that the network is doing something fundamentally wrong, is by looking at the statistics of it’s YouTube channel. El Rey Network has just over 400 YouTube subscribers, most of their content barely exceed 200 views and their latest promotional video has only managing to conjure 9 views… 9 views for an American network is an abomination.

Complete and utter madness.

Chris McCarron

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