ENDER’S GAME Viral Video Is Lazy Filmmaking


With this year’s SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON now in full swing, ENDER’S GAME has released a COMIC-CON viral video that gives the impression that it was thrown together at the last-minute.

The viral video consists of Harrison Ford providing a voice-over for generic scenes that have mostly been seen already. Ford’s voice-over appears to be spliced together from lines within the film, as well as what I presume to be the initial concept of the viral video.

This shift in audio is very noticeable and for a split second, we see Ford addressing the audience in what looks like a recruitment video. I suspect that the producers of ENDER’S GAME were unhappy with how the recruitment video turned out and instead opted for a hybrid between a trailer and viral video.

I have never read ENDER’S GAME and going by the footage presented so far, I’m not entirely certain if I can be bothered to see it in the cinema. To me, it looks like another teen, CATCHING FIRE style of film, that is slightly adult and detracts from fun, adventure and excitement – the very things that as adults we crave to feel again.

Perhaps, I shouldn’t be bothered about seeing the film, as its certainly targeted towards a different demographic – The older teen, by focusing on the acknowledgement of responsibility and the burdens that presents them with.

Or I could be talking shite!

Source: Ender’s Game Viral Video

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