Exclusive Interview Tony Kittrell Talks Advent Comics' Cosmos Crossover 4

Exclusive Interview: Tony Kittrell Talks Advent Comics’ Cosmos Crossover

Tony Kittrell wants you to be a fan of comic-books again. He wants you to have that sense of excitement and wonder that you used to have when a new issue of Spiderman or the Justice League were released. His answer is Advent Comics: a healthy stable of titles including Titan the Ultra Man, Darklight & Crew, Advent Comics Spotlight, Champions of Hope and more. However, he’s taken special care to also release an official Advent Universe Handbook to keep you informed of all the players within his sandbox of characters.

This was in preparation for Advent Comics release entitled Cosmos: a twelve-issue company-wide crossover that’s been years in the making. I chatted with Kittrell to find out more about this top secret project and why it may be the independent event of 2014:

Exclusive Interview Tony Kittrell Talks Advent Comics' Cosmos CrossoverArthur: Tell me about the events that lead to Cosmos #1 within the Advent Universe and who are some of the key characters involved within this company-wide crossover?

Tony Kittrell: The events that led to Cosmos started on the very first page of our first published work in Pandemonium: Evil Incarnate. I always wanted to tell a certain story, one that featured lots of cosmic characters (I love those big, sweeping stories) and had pitched one to Marvel back in the 90’s through their Epic line that was well received but was never published. I took that story and tweaked it and it became Cosmos. The story basically starts with a visitor from another universe (the character Outcast) who arrives in the Advent Universe. In and of itself, not a big deal but the reason why he arrives is the true story. All of the Advent Comics cosmic characters will be featured – Savior, Darklight & Crew, The War Guard, Trinity and many others. Plus be on the look out for plenty of surprises within the series.

Arthur: And, without spoiling to much of the story, what is Cosmos about and, how do the events in the first issue set things up for the Advent Universe in 2014?

Tony Kittrell: What is Cosmos about? Basically, it is an origin story that kickstarts the next phase of Advent stories in 2015 with plenty of action and BIG surprises in the middle. The first issue focuses on several key characters and themes including the destruction of Earth and all of creation within the first four pages! (laughs)

Arthur: Who are some of the key characters in this series?

Tony Kittrell: All of our cosmic heroes like Rann Darklight, Celestina, The War Guard, and many more.

Arthur: Is Outcast the big bad that everyone will be facing off against?

Tony Kittrell: No, Outcast is not the villain, but his arrival makes him the catalyst for what comes next!

Arthur: Who are some of the artist that you’re working with on this series?

Tony Kittrell:: Dody Eka and Myke Guisinga are the primary artists on the series. I had to change artists on the book and brought in these two great artists to get us make on schedule and to bring this story to life.

Arthur: How has their involvement helped shape the way you’re telling this story?

Tony Kittrell: Well, I am trying to tell the story but still write to their artistic strengths.

Arthur: Why do you think Cosmos makes the perfect jumping on point for new readers?

Tony Kittrell: You can enjoy it without knowing any of the backstory and because it will introduce several new characters. But once you have read it, you can go and read our back issues to see lots of Easter eggs that tie all of the books together.

Arthur: So, who is the big bad and what can you tell me about their overall plan without giving to much away?

Tony Kittrell: During the crossover, there is a lot going on! (laughs) The villain wants the “cosmos” hence the series name. Everything you think you see is not what is actually happening. And our Genesis character is not Adam Warlock! (laughs)

Arthur: I know you’re being a bit vague because you don’t want to spoil the story, but I want to be SPOILED! Tell me more…

Tony Kittrell: Okay, an alien invasion from the Regime Empire (from Darklight & Crew), a mysterious foe that destroys Universes and a few SURPRISE VILLAINS…and those are just the underlings! (laughs)

Cosmos #1 is on sale now on www.adventcomics.com and as a digital exclusive at www.cloud9comix.com