Exclusive Interview With Michael Rooker About Guardians of the Galaxy

Exclusive Interview With Michael Rooker About Guardians of the Galaxy

Exclusive Interview With Michael Rooker About Guardians of the Galaxy

In an exclusive interview with Chimichanga Talk, Michael Rooker spoke at length about his role as Yondu in the forthcoming film: Guardians of the Galaxy. The interview was scheduled to last only fifteen minutes, yet he kindly spoke to us for close to an hour.

While I may be biased, I believe that this is one of the finest interviews that Michael Rooker has ever participated in. I can’t recall him ever providing such an in-depth, funny and intriguing interview and I urge you to listen to it in its entirety here: Chimichanga Talks Episode 17: Michael Rooker Talks Mallrats, Guardians, The Walking Dead and More!

The following is a transcript of the exclusive content he shared with us about Guardians of the Galaxy:

Michael Rooker talking about the research he did for his role as Yondu and the advice that James Gunn gave him:

You know what? I started reading the comics and stuff and he’s a very interesting character. Gunn told me not to read too much as it deviates from the comic stuff and I knew that of course. I read it with the hope that I learn more about the other characters and stuff so.

You get the script and you use the one given to you in your hand. You don’t necessarily go back to the comics. For Yondu, I used what Gunn gave me which was the script that he had given me. And it’s amazing man.

Michael discussing the process of applying his makeup and prosthetics for the film:

My makeup and wardrobe took about six hours before getting camera ready and it’s a cool role and it’s going to be a lot of fun.

There were six different levels of makeup and the first part is in a room with some other actors and we’re doing different prosthetic stuff and everything like that. The next part is the blueing and the painting of my face and my body and whatever has to be painting right? That takes the majority of the time, getting it absolutely right and I’m there pretty much all of the time. Unless I’m completely exhausted and I nod out and I did that a couple of times while they were doing it. Most of the time I was there and I would suggest stuff like: ‘remember when it was a little lighter here?’.

It’s hand done every single time, so each and every time it’s a little bit different. So you become a part of the process and you need a keen eye for any kind of mistake or continunity.They are looking for the same and we’re all checking each other.

It’s pretty amazing the way everyone worked together to get this done and there’s several, several layers I mean there’s more than just blue. There’s clear, golden and like silver and there’s blue and darker blue and lighter blue and it’s just amazing what they had done and what they do.

Michael talking about how realistic his makeup looks in the proper lighting environment:

In the end, at the end, we did a huge photo session and I saw the end result in some of the lighting we we’re using and I was just blown away. I saw the photograph and it was really… I mean I had seen it in the mirror with really bad lights and I’ve seen myself on a video you know, little feedbacks and replays, but on the set. Now I finally see myself a photo of myself with a real camera, a real lens and real lighting and brother… It… was… beautiful. The first time I saw what real people are going to see and it was stunning, stunning, it just… I can’t describe it… it just looked like real skin. It was so believable, it’s amazing, it amazed me and it totally blew me away, stunning, beautiful and I couldn’t believe it. It made me think that I was working with real artists.


Michael Rooker’s reaction to the leaked photographs of him in costume:

I was probably tired, cause it was hot and my costume is layered. It’s not just one jacket or one thing and it was hot (laughs). Sometimes those pictures (the leaked pictures) are taken out of context and it could have been something going on just before, going on or just getting ready to do something. They caught me in an awkward pose and (laughs) I could have had a mouth full of pretzels, who knows? (laughs)

Michael was asked if he had to rely on his martial arts background during the filming of Guardians of the Galaxy:

‘None of your business’ (laughs)

Michael Rooker responded to rumours regarding him signing a contract with Marvel to star as Thanos from The Avengers: Age of Ultron and sequels to Guardians of the Galaxy:

‘None of your business (laughs again) I love it, I love it. I’ve gotten really good. I could talk for an hour and a half and not say anything. The Walking Dead taught me that, so going into the Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, I’m an expert at not telling you shit.’ (laughs)

‘Nothing that I should say in public. (laughs) There is always talks going on, so I have to say that there are talks going. We’ll see.’

Michael discussing the direction that his career has taken after The Walking Dead:

Now I get to hug all of these beautiful women in leotards painted orange and green with little antennas popping out of their heads. I can’t wait and Guardians of the Galaxy is going to be a beautiful film and I’m so excited to be involved in it. It’s going be such an awesome, amazing. It was a turn of events when Merle was dying and James Gunn was calling me saying ‘Hey, what’s up? Whats going on? and I was like ‘You know what brother? I’ll tell you what’s going on and he was like ‘shit yea baby!’ I knew he wanted me to do it, but I didn’t think I could do it.

My emotions were so twisted and turned because I was leaving a lot of friends and a great show and an amazing character behind. To go to someone, a personal friend, James Gunn, to an awesome company. Marvel is just producing amazing stuff now and Disney as well. I got this amazing future in the several weeks, yet I’m leaving people behind and it was emotion for a while. I’m happy to go, but sad to go.

I Tweeted out my first, my first daughter had a grandchild. I’m a grandfather for the first time and she’s just amazing. It takes you back to your first, when you’re a father for the first time. You’re like ‘this little being is so small, with hands and it turns your emotions all upside down. So just now I’m taking a break with friends and family and I’m just chilli’n. Hopefully something cool will turn up.

I just handed out an award for the Nascar Championship and I’m jumping back!

Michael discussing what it’s like to avoid leaking information online:

It’s tough to keep something in. It’s wild man and a leak is just going to open. It’s so hard to keep, to be surprised. You have to stay away from your Facebook account, from Twitter accounts to not find out what’s going on.

I would like to thank Deadpool Speaks and The Great Wang from Chimichanga Talks. They did an amazing job hosting our exclusive interview with Michael Rooker about Guardians of the Galaxy. Naturally, I would also like to thank Michael for kindly taking the time to talk to us.

In 2014, we have a number of exciting and exclusive interviews lined up. As Michael Rooker would say:

None of your business!

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