Marvel Global Comics iVerse Forced To Hire Translators

Exclusive: Marvel Global Comics App Was Delayed By Translators

You’re probably all familiar with the Marvel Comics, Marvel AR and Marvel Unlimited apps. They’re all tied to the Marvel Universe of comics, yet none of them offer content in languages other than English. Even ComiXology does not offer non-English content related to the Marvel library. Even the translator/distributor Panini offer many titles on ComiXology and despite publishing Marvel comics in various languages, none are offered digitally.

In 2012, Marvel/iVerse announced the following:

Marvel Entertainment Signs Exclusive Foreign Language Digital Comics Agreement With iVerse

New York, NY—September 19, 2012—Today Marvel Entertainment, one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, announced it will exclusively distribute single issue and collected edition foreign language digital comics worldwide with iVerse, an innovator and unique voice in the mobile publishing field.

This multi-year agreement reinforces both Marvel’s position as one of the leading global entertainment brands and the number one comic book publisher in the world, while also bringing its unparalleled library of popular characters and acclaimed stories to the widest possible global audience. This foreign language content will launch in late 2012 with staggered releases worldwide.

“Marvel and iVerse both recognize the opportunity global publishing content expansion brings to Marvel fans worldwide,” explained Peter Phillips, SVP & General Manager, Marvel Digital Media Group. “This partnership with iVerse allows us to introduce Marvel’s rich history of exciting, action packed stories to new audiences who want to know more about the Avengers, Spider-Man, Wolverine and more in their native languages.”

Marvel and iVerse first partnered to distribute single–issue, English language digital comics in 2009. The ComicsPlus app, available through the App Store and Google Play, currently offers a robust selection of Marvel Digital Graphic Novels.

“At iVerse we believe that there is an unprecedented opportunity to expand readership by providing content in readers’ native languages,” said Michael Murphey, CEO, iVerse. “We are lifelong fans of Marvel – their characters and their content. It’s truly an honor to be able to partner with them to bring this spectacular content to the world on as many platforms as possible.”

Soon you can experience the greatest comic books, featuring the Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine and more worldwide in foreign languages for the first time ever in the digital realm!

Since 2012, neither Marvel or iVerse kept the public updated on the progress of the app. This lack of news led many to believe that the project had been abandoned. However, according to my sources, the reason for this delay is due to iVerse having to find and sign agreements with various small/medium size translating businesses. This presented a bigger challenge than originally expected as the company hoped to use software to do the translations of the comic-books. Yet iVerse quickly learned that software available is not able to provide an accurate translation…

Nearly two years later, the following was announced on the 6th February, 2014:


Marvel Entertainment and iVerse release the *Marvel Global Comics* App for comics in 12 languages!

Back in September 2012 I mentioned on Facebook and Twitter that iVerse Media (the Digital division of Diamond Comic Distributors ) had signed a deal with MARVEL COMICS. But I never got more details, other than those released at the time the announcement was made. The deal gave iVerse exclusivity for digital distribution of Non-English comics worldwide. iVerse was to debut this program in Fall 2012 with Chinese, Japanese & Spanish, followed by one additional language each month for a total of 12. It took them much longer than expected but we can now see the results of this deal!!! Please note that the app is only available on iTunes for the moment, other platforms will be available in the coming months (Android, BlackBerry, Windows).

À mon avis Panini n’est pas impliqué dans ce projet… C’est bien dommage pour eux, mais pour une entreprise comme Disney/Marvel c’est la simplicité qui doit prévaloir. Et Panini n’offrant pas leur publications dans 12 langues il n’est pas surprenant que Marvel aie préféré l’offre de iVerse.

So if you are equipped with an iPad, iPod or iPhone, and are lucky enough to speak a second language, visit iTunes to download the new Marvel Global Comics app!

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