Exclusive Video Interview With Warrick Davis About Feel The Force Day

Exclusive Video Interview: Warwick Davis Talks Feel The Force Day

In an exclusive video interview, Warwick Davis chats to JJ Lucia Wright about the Star Wars themed charity event: Feel The Force Day


Video Transcript – Warwick Davis:

“I think that Feel The Force Day is a brilliant concept as it allows people with learning difficulties access to Star Wars and Sci-Fi and TV in a way that they normally wouldn’t have. As was proven by the very first Feel The Force Day which was such a brilliant success and so many people got something out of it.”

“The first Feel The Force Day was brilliant as there were so many people there that had never been to a convention before – purely because of the difficulty of them accessing that type of event: the crowds of people, the buildings. They really were able to look after all of the needs of those who came to the event.”

“The organisers of Feel The Force Day has thought about everything and they made sure that the attending disability had access to Star Wars in some way. Anything from toys, smell jars… which I’ve never heard of before so that you can actually smell a Wookie! Not that I know why you’d want too! Ewoks actually smell a lot nicer so next time I think that they should have the smell of Ewoks.”

“The 501st Legion were there as well and they are a group who dress up in authentic Star Wars costumes: Darth Vader, Stormtroopers right through to Princess Leia in her gold Slave Bikini and we’re allowed to go up and feel these costumes… which was certainly a highlight for me!”

“Apart from Princess Leia’s touch tour, I really enjoyed the day because it was so great seeing people who had such a limited access to Star Wars were able to take that a little bit further. To put those images in their mind and feel those things and smell those things and it really fills in all the blanks for them and makes Star Wars more of an experience for them. It’s such a brilliant concept and so brilliantly pulled off considering that it was their first time.”

“I’m also the patron of the charity Little People UK which helps people with Dwarfism and J.J. is often invited to the events to draw pictures as he’s such a brilliant cartoonist. He just makes everyone feel good about themselves which is a great skill and I’m delighted that he can it share with the world.”

Feel The Force Day is an annual charity event run by At Tha Movies’ J.J. Lucia Wright. The event helps to bring Star Wars to life to those who are deaf, blind or disabled by giving them access to Star Wars actors, props, toys, smell jars and more. To find out more information about Feel The Force Day, please click here.

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Article written by J.J. Lucia Wright

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