Former X-Men Star Awarded Damages For 'Hot Tub Session At A Hollywood Party'

Former X-Men Star Awarded Damages For Hot Tub Session At A Hollywood Party

The actor Alexander Burton who stars as Pyro in the first X-Men film was one of three plaintiffs who filed a lawsuit against the former executive of Digital Entertainment Network.

It is alleged that Marc Collins-Rector held parties in his Hollywood home where Bryan Singer and other entertainment industry professionals provided drugs and alcohol to underage teens. In 2011, the former X-Men star was awarded damages along with two other plaintiffs: Mighty Ducks and First Kid actor, Brock Pierce and Digital Entertainment Network employee Mark Ryan.

Burton states that he was given his first and only Hollywood role after ‘a hot tub session at a Hollywood party’ . According to the case docket, in 2011, the three were awarded $2,000,030 with an additional $1 million in accrued interest.

It has also been revealed that Michael Egan, who has filed a lawsuit against the X-Men director Bryan Singer, is working with the Oscar nominated documentary director Amy Berg. The two are involved in a new film that is suspected of being about Hollywood Sex Rings. However, no official details have been released about the project.

Speaking at a press conference last Friday, Egan stated:

“I wouldn’t say it was a relationship [with Singer], you were a piece of meat.. Certain situations like at the house where the rules were no swimsuits by the pool areas. I was in the hot tub with Singer and other individuals, they grope you, shove your head under water, orally molest you, then they’d rape you by the side of hot tub. You were a piece of meat.”

Egan then proceeded to say:

“We were told that we had to keep the members happy… We control Hollywood and we will eliminate you… I had drugs put in my drink, liquor poured down my throat, raped numerous times in that house, various times sexually abused. There was a policy of no clothes by the poolside area. I was a piece of meat to these people.”

Legal papers filed last week suggest that Egan may have been paid $1,500 a week by Digital Entertainment Network including extravagant gifts and access to a private jet. However, the most shocking allegation is that Collins-Rector ordered Egan to hug Bryan Singer in the nude. After complying, Singer ‘grabbed his bare buttocks’ before masturbating and performing oral sex on the underage boy.

It is also alleged that that the teenager refused to do the same to Bryan Singer which resulted in Singer pushing Egan’s head under water. After allowing the teen up for air, Singer again demanded oral sex. The accusation continues to suggest that when the teenager refused Singer’s demands, he was dragged out of the pool and then solemnized by the director.

According to Buzzfeed: Bryan Singer will not be doing any press for X-Men: Days of Future Past including a pre-arranged public appearance at this year’s Wondercon.

Three Hollywood Executives Accused Of Sexual Abuse In Hollywood Sex Ring

Garth Ancier, (the founding entertainment president of Fox in 1986 and entertainment president of Warner Brothers and NBC) David Neuman, (former president of Disney TV and now Digital Entertainment Network employee) and Gary Goddard (director of Masters of the Universe) have been named in a series of lawsuits filed by Michael Egan on Easter Monday. The trio are accused of exploiting their positions in the entertainment industry to take advantage of and sexually abuse the plaintiff.

Both Ancier and Goddard have yet to respond to the allegations. However, Neuman has protested his innocence on Twitter by stating:

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