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Friday Runaround – From 2000AD Swipes To Kickstarter Scammers


2000AD readers look at three-and-a-half decades of swipes in the comic.


Autostraddle looks at Hazel Newlevant‘s comic work, in the light of her being awarded the Queer Press Grant from Prism Comics.

They awarded this grant to Newlevant specifically for her queer-lady-and-blues-music comics If This Be Sin and Dance the Blues. Dance the Blues tells the story of a dance competition where our heroine dances with several people before finding her perfect partner in another woman. Newlevant is going to use the grant money to keep on making comics featuring queer ladies.


The Wall Street Journal looks at an Indian comic book aiming to sell the benefits of nuclear power to its citizens.

In a 38-page comic book, Sameer “an educated local youth” who lives in the city, sets out to dispel what the comic describes as “the many myths surrounding nuclear science,” existing among villagers in India, “and explains to them its various benefits to the mankind.”

The comic characters ask questions such as “Will my cattle die? Will my land become barren? Will I be able to have children if I live near a power plant?”


Bloomsberg looks at… other Muslim female superheroes being published today.

It wasn’t Egypt’s police force that saved Layla from sexual assault, it was Qahera, a sword-wielding, female superhero in a long black hijab.

Groped by the comic strip’s villains, Layla’s hopes of police assistance are dashed when an officer castigates her for wearing inappropriate clothing — trousers and a sweater. Back on the street, she’s confronted by another gang of tormentors and is saved only when Qahera appears, beating them with a stick and then stringing them by the scruff of their necks from the police station railings.


Steve Morris tracks down a Kickstarter pledge scammer, on Comics Beat.

Rather than a campaign which acts as a scam, however, it appears this is a pledger causing the trouble. The basic of this case is that the pledger funds a project at the highest level possible – only to then claim a charge dispute once the project is funded.


Gabriel Rodriguez tweets sneak preview of artwork from an upcoming “Locke and Key”:

Keyhouse cross section 2 color work in progress… #Keyhouse #LOCKEandKEY

— Gabriel Rodríguez (@GR_comics) November 6, 2013


Amanda Conner to create cover art for She-Hulk #1…

AMANDA CONNERS latest cover is for SHE HULK #1

— Jimmy Palmiotti (@jpalmiotti) November 8, 2013

Friday Runaround – From 2000AD Swipes To Kickstarter Scammers

Source: Friday Runaround – From 2000AD Swipes To Kickstarter Scammers


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