Your Friendly Neighborhood French Canadian

Your Friendly Neighborhood French Canadian

Summer 1974:

Your Friendly Neighborhood French CanadianWe just moved, again… It’s boring, I have no friends and my younger brother isn’t fun to play with. I walked around the neighborhood and found myself in front a little corner store. In the corner, stood a sparkling comics spin rack, full of the most recent comics released that Summer.

I looked in my pockets, remembering that I was given $1.00 by my grandmother.  I started looking at each cover, discovering Super-Heroes for the first time! I asked the store owner if I am allowed to look inside the comics and he told me I could!

Back then, Marvel’s comics were translated to French and sold for $0.25 each; so I started flipping through each book, one by one, wondering which I should buy.

Eventually the store owner came over and asked which of the comics I prefered. I showed him my dollar and then told him that I liked: Hulk, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Iron Man and Conan

After a short pause, the store owner responded: “I will make a deal with you! I will let you take 5 comics for that dollar… and will give you a FREE comic every time you come in with a new friend if you both buy a comic.”. Well you should have seen the smile on my face, I must have been the happiest kid in the city that day!

On my first day of school, right after class… I grabbed my new best friend and took him to the corner store. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for me to become popular with my fellow classmates.


Your Friendly Neighborhood French Canadian

Like many kids of my generation, comic-books were not just reading material; they were our primary source of entertainment. We discussed adventures, imagine scenarios, share comics, and playback as our favorite heroes and villains.

Hopefully you now know me a little better and where my love for comic-books comes from.

Stephane Trahan

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