How To Increase Your Comic-Book Sales By 41.14%

Get An Easy Fix To Increase Your Comic-Book Sales By 41.14%

You Need More Than Just A Good Comic-Book

Since starting At Tha Movies, I’ve had the privilege of meeting a number of independent comic-book creators including: Sam Johnson, Tom Rasch and Brandon Rhiness. Regardless of how popular their comic-books are, they all have one thing in common: they need to sell more copies.  In this tutorial, I will teach you a very simple technique that has the potential to increase your comic-book sales by 41.14%.


Does Your Comic-Book Sales Page Looks Like This?:


How To Increase Your Comic-Book Sales By 41.14%


There is a common misconception that a good product is enough to attract traffic to a website. The cold, hard reality is that your high quality comic-book will sell fewer copies than a poorly constructed comic-book that has a powerful marketing strategy and a killer sales page.

The above image is of Comic Cavalcade’s website. What concerns me is that many independent comic-book publishers attempt to sell their products through sales pages with a similar design. While it’s impossible for me to cover everything that’s wrong with it in one article, there’s a quick and easy fix that can increase their comic-book sales by as much as 41.14%.


Get An Easy Fix To Increase Your Comic-Book Sales By 41.14%

The above headline contains two vital words that will have an immediate impact on your conversion rate.  If you’re unable to identify them, then take a moment to study how the title is constructed and why you decided to click on it.

Get An Easy Fix To Increase Your Comic-Book Sales By 41.14%

The  answer? The words: get and your.

The word get increases the personal value of the item to the visitor and tells them that they will gain something of importance. Taking the above headline as an example, the word get suggests that the information in this article will give you important information of personal value to you by making your comic-book a success.

The word your provokes the reader to imagine and with regards to this article, the reader thinks about the success that reading this article will bring them.

This means that when combining the words get and your, readers may subconsciously think the following:

This article is of personal importance to me as it has valuable information that will have a positive impact on the number of comic-books that I can sell. I can imagine the relief and satisfaction of having a popular and successful comic-book publishing business.

Take another look at the sales page for Crossed Annual 2014 and ask yourself the following questions:

Why is it important that I own this comic-book?

What makes me imagine owning this comic-book?

What are the benefits of owning this comic-book?

You’ll quickly identify that there is nothing on the sales page that can successfully answer any of the above questions.


Where You Should Use The Words Get and Your

The most effective way of using the words get and your is by using them in calls to action. For most e-commerce sales pages, this call to action is a way of getting a potential customer to add your product to their basket.

Phrases such as: Add to Cart, Sign-Up, Order or Buy Now are commonly found on such pages. However, they merely serve to highlight an action required by the user and provokes them to question why they should do what they are being told to do.

Avoid pushing your customers into critiquing why they should buy your comic-book. Instead, make them subconsciously imagine the importance of owning your product.


Examples of Increased Conversion Rates

On their old website, a Manchester mobile teeth whitening company called We Love White Teeth had a conversion rate of 0.5%. After I redesigned their website, their conversion rate increased to 17.41% with an average monetary value of £143.00. You can view their website here: We Love White Teeth

MatchOffice changed their call to action from: Order Information and Prices to: Get Information and Prices which increased their conversion rate by 14.79%. altered their call to action from: Order Information to: Get Information, increasing their conversions by a whopping 38.26%.

BettingExpert outperformed their old call to action by an increase of 41.14%. This was achieved by changing: Passionate About Betting? to: Make More Money on Your Bets – Get Free Daily Betting Tips.



It’s almost impossible to imagine that such a simple fix can dramatically increase conversion rates. The next stage is for you to test your website and see what kind of conversion increase the words get and your have for your comic-book. This can be monitored through Google Analytics which is a free tool that allows you to track and add a monetary value to actions carried out by website visitors.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and to try different combinations or alternative words that have the same connotation. You may find that the phrase: Get Your Misfits#3 has an increase in 12.32% while the caption: Get My Misfits Comic-Book has an increase of 35.24%.

Regardless, the above tutorial covers an easy fix to increase your comic-book sales. However, over the coming weeks I’ll be delving into other areas that you can improve upon and when combined, can have a dramatic effect on your number of comic-book sales, newsletter subscribers and social media followers!

If you’re not very tech savy or need immediate help with your website, please feel free to contact me by e-mail: [email protected] or visit: Flash Bang SEO.



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