Independent Comic-Book Review: Salvagers #1


Title: Salvagers #1salvagers 1 review
Written by: Robert Salley
Artist: George Acevedo
Publisher: Hound Comics

Salvagers #1 Plot Synopsis:

In the distant future, this ragtag crew of space salvagers is cleaning up the galaxy one wreck at a time. The adventure begins as the crew of the HARRIER IV salvage vessel is deep in the outer rim where they take on the job of salvaging a Darzinean gun-ship… but they’re not alone. Join in the voyages of the HARRIER Salvage crew (the leaders in Astro-Time clean up) as they navigate through the treacherous galaxy.


Independent Comic-Book Review: Salvagers #1

Abandoned Cargo Part 1 of 3 opens with a brief history of how the interconnecting worlds and galaxies function via a trade system of both natural and artificial resources. This created a tangible peace until the Galactic War ended and some planets went rouge and began to employ pirates and mercenaries to survive, when cut off by the trade corporations. In response the corporations gathered their own hired guns to protect their interest and resources! However, all of the political strife serves as background noise for now, because Salvagers follows the adventures of the guys who often get caught in the middle of a knife and gunfight-the clean up crews! Salvagers#1 introduces us to one such crew whose charged with locating and liberating destroyed or abandoned space craft known as Wrecks.

After being brought up to speed on what a Salvager is, we’re quickly trust into a retrieval mission. We meet Bill whose taking the lead inside of an abandoned vessel where he discovers that the crew has been slaughtered! We also meet the sexy purple alien Teagan whose overseeing the communications rely. We also meet the rest of the crew Harrier and Brigby, who Teagan sends to locate Bill once his communicator goes dead. And, that’s how it begins! I don’t want to spoil the whole issue for you. Let’s just say things get really action packed!

Story wise, the very concept has a lot of room to grow and evolve into different directions. There is a lot to like here and for fans scifi fans who are still crying about Firefly getting canceled all of those solar cycles ago-this could be a worthy replacement. Robert Salley knows how to bring people into this crazy world of Salvagers complete with a colorful cast of characters. My only concern story is the lettering, I feel that a more polished letterer could have added a lot to the story!

Art wise, it’s hit or miss like so many independent comics. There are moments when George Acevedo really shines, but I think the over reliance on shadows and dark colors hurt this book more than helped it. I don’t know if this was on his part or the colorist. I’ve seen some of the uncolored pages, and I would honestly buy this book if it were in black and white because a lot of the detail that Acevedo puts into the pages and characters is lost on the colors. I really did want to get a look at the alien droid, but he appeared to be just a shadow with some high-tech gear on his back.

Overall, this is a good introduction to the world of Salvagers! This book will appeal to fans of books like Saga, as well as folks just looking for that last once of Firefly type stories about a ragtag team of space adventures!