James Gunn Slams Footage Of Near Fatal Movie Explosion

James Gunn who is the director of Marvel Studio’s Guardians of the Galaxy, took to Facebook to express his outrage towards the producers behind the film: He Who Dares 2. Gunn’s reaction was in response to a video posted on Reddit which shows a near fatal explosion on a movie set. Gunn stated:

I really hate this kind of shit. As I’ve said before, it is okay to hire hack writers, actors, directors, makeup artists, and so forth. But it is NOT, under any circumstance, okay to hire hack special effects artists, pyrotechnics, or stunt people. If you’re working on a very low budget film, and you really need this stuff, hire hack visual affects artists to do it for you in post. This is how people are crippled or die.

Sadly we’re unable to embed the video on our website as YouTube have blocked any access to it because of a copyright dispute put in place by Press on Features. Despite the source of the video not revealing the name of the production company responsible, he did expand upon how crew members were not paid for their services, that cast and crew members walked off the set more than once and that on the night before the explosion, the 1st AD expressed his concerns over the lack of health and safety on the set. However, the most alarming revelations are that the door was engineered to splinter upon impact and that later that day, the same special effects crew continued to work on the set:

The door was stupid heavy, it took a few guys to set it up. Also I don’t know if this has been mentioned but apparently after the rehearsal somebody started cutting the back of the door with a knife because they wanted it to splinter upon explosion. I shit you not.


It gets even worse we had a crew meeting after which most of the crew walked out. During the meeting Simon Phillips said there would be no more explosions that day and that the sfx guy had gone home. Those who stay said the sfx guy never went home and they actually did a second explosion with those who remained there! They had the audacity to bare faced lie to us after everything we went through that day!

Source: Reddit

UPDATE:  Just after 10pm on Sunday night, Simon Philips, who is one of the producers behind He Who Dares 2, contacted me via my home telephone number. Mr Philips has requested that this article is taken down as he believes that the above quotations infringe the copyright of the film. We have since removed the featured image of the explosion.

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