Januarys Trending News and Articles

January’s Trending News and Articles

January’s Trending News and Articles is a top 10 list of the most popular content on At Tha Movies during the month of January 2014. January’s trending content is mainly composed of the previous month’s articles as it was a fairly quiet month for news and rumors. However, December’s articles continued to attract a high number of page views while our team of columnists focused on producing a number of high quality editorials and tutorials that will remain useful and relevant for a long period of time.

Some of this new content has already received thousands of page views per day and has ultimately ended up being included in January’s Trending News and Articles!

January’s Trending News and Articles

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Leaked Online
  2. Star Wars Episode VII: ‘Inexplicably Difficult to Achieve’
  3. SWTOR Will Get 2 New Expansions In 2014
  4. UFO Documentary By Disney Will Shock You
  5. Disney Release Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ For Academy Award Nomination
  6. Yoda Will Be In Star Wars Episode VII
  7. Alan Moore Doesn’t Know The Score
  8. Throne of Skulls 2014: Can I Build An Eldar Army For £50?
  9. Full-Scale Millennium Falcon Has Been Built For Star Wars Episode VII
  10. Never Pitch Your Comic-Book As ‘Commercial’ or ‘Mainstream’

January’s 5 Most Popular Contributors

  1. Chris McCarron
  2. Adrian Reynolds
  3. James Tighe
  4. Matt Hurd
  5. John Holland

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