Judge Dredd Sequel On It’s Way!

Judge Dredd Sequel
Judge Dredd Sequel

I love Dredd 3D and going by the number of copies solid on blu-ray and DVD, I suspect I’m not alone.

Since it’s release it has been consistently at the top of the charts and rightfully so.  If you haven’t seen it, imagine John Carpenter in his prime directing a sci-fi version of Die Hard.

It’s a film completely stripped back to the basics and has a cast of characters that are in many respects, old-fashioned, uncomplicated characters with no attempt to shoe horn in likeable characteristics.

Karl Urban’s portrayal of Dredd is spot on and the writers of the film rightfully refrained from relying on epic stunt sequences or complex back stories to portray Dredd’s menace. Urban needs to simply stand still to create a presence that is similar to Schwarzenegger in The Terminator, the kind of character that nobody fucks with!

Despite the film having a very modest budget, it isn’t noticed on screen. In many respects the special effects are more believable than films with enormous budgets as it relies on a number of practical effects and real sets.

Anyway… IGN stated the following:

“While we’ll have more details in the coming months leading to San Diego Comic-Con, it seems like a pretty safe bet that there will be some sort of comic book continuation of last year’s cult-favorite action flick.”

I’m surprised that it’s taken so long for 2000 AD to cash in on the success of the film. Sadly we wont see a sequel on the big screen anytime soon, but thankfully the continuation of Dredd’s story in comic book will generate further interest in the character, British comics and finally new readers!

If you haven’t seen Dredd 3D, stop reading this fucking article and go buy it!

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