Lloyd Kaufman Finds Lost Behind the Scenes Footage of Rocky

Lloyd Kaufman Finds Lost Behind the Scenes Footage of Rocky


During an interview with Chimichanga Talk, Lloyd Kaufman spoke exclusively about MGM’s plans to release a 40th Anniversary DVD/Blu-ray of Rocky. Kaufman also revealed that lost behind the scenes footage taken by him in 1975 will be included in the release:

“I apparently took some behind the scenes footage of Rocky which we just discovered in the basement of the Troma building and John Adelson and I just completed a behind the scenes commentary on this Super-8 film we just discovered.”


“MGM is coming up with what I guess is the 30th Anniversary DVD of Rocky and our little behind the scene footage is actually very historic because nobody did behind the scenes in 1975… and that’s going to be on the next iteration of Rocky. It shows really how low-budget Rocky really was.”

Rocky is one of my favorite films and I’m delighted that behind the scenes footage will be included in the 40th Anniversary release of the film. However, I’m far more intrigued by the story behind the Super-8 film. In many respects, Kaufman’s discovery deserves a documentary or even a film in itself: A veteran B-Movie producer discovers the lost footage of a historic Hollywood movie.

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I love the idea that Kaufman stumbled upon the footage by accident. Furthermore, he somehow managed to forgot that reel existed.  You can listen to the rest of the interview with Lloyd Kaufman here: Chimichanga Talk Episode 15

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