Man of Steel Picture Madness!




Aquaman Man of Steel Logo

zod poster

superman poster

jor el poster

How many movie posters does one film need?

I suspect this is a byproduct of social media and movie news websites such as this. It’s a way to feed the public’s appetite for constant, daily information, a way to sustain hype and focus on a film surrounded by so many others.

Witnessing the beginnings of an advertising campaign for Man of Steel is exciting. It hammers home that in little over three weeks time, we will once again see Superman on film.

Will Man of Steel meet, exceed or fail our expectations?

I’m cautiously optimistic yet failing miserably to not be excited… Come on it’s Superman!

A number of new pictures have surfaced online that yet again visualise the themes of isolation and alienation. Obviously there is very little material to go by however, through subtle inaccuracies of how Earth is presented on-screen, the viewer is unable to associate themselves with that world.  This allows us to sympathise and relate to Superman, as planet Earth is also alien to us.

Or… I could be talking bollocks!

Clark Kent

Clark Kent child

Kent Farm

Clark Kent child 2


Clark Kent Bus Rescue

General Zod Medium Shot


Clark and Jonathan Kent

Clark Kent Space Ship

Perry White

Clark Kent Space Ship Crashing

Man of Steel 15

Supermans Mother

Smallville Plane Crash

Source: CBN

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