Movie Making How To Steadicam

Movie Making How To: Steadicam

Movie Making How To: Steadicam is a short, three minute video that is a beginners guide to what steadicams are, how they can be useful and when they are used..

Movie Making How To: Steadicam Transcript:

Steadicam can do some amazing things. A Steadicam is mostly used for motion. When it comes to static shots, it’s okay if you don’t hold it for too long. Maybe if you’re starting a scene or at the end of a specific scene, but if it’s just dialogue going back and forth, then you’re better to place it on the sticks (tripod). A Steadicam gives a more organic look to the footage. Say someone is moving from one room to the next, a Steadicam makes you feel like that character.

Steadicam is an art form, but also a skill at the same time. I just gravitated towards it naturally. The physical aspects are that you have to stay in shape. It’s physically demanding having that much weight on you. Not only that, but you’re framing has to be absolutely spot on each and every time.

If the shot has a lot to do with motion, either leading, following or a walk ‘n talk or going up steps: then absolutely, a Steadicam is the best way to go. However, if it’s a static shot you want steady, then shove it (the camera) on the sticks and be done with it.

With Steadicam and prepping for a particular shot, a lot of different factors come into play: what type of camera it is, if the camera is high or low. Every situation is different and it very much depends on the difficulty of the shot.

I love movement, being able to go where no camera has gone before, the freedom of doing so many different things. It’s a rush.

Movie Making How To: Steadicam Credits:

Framelines has been nominated for an Emmy and is an award-winning series that was broadcast on PBS.

The above video features Steadicam operator: Nikk Sutton.

Movie Making How To: Steadicam is hosted by: Peter John Ross

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