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Movie Making How To: Storyboards

Movie Making How To: Storyboards is a short, two minute video that outlines what storyboards are, how storyboards can be useful, the variations of storyboards and their overall importance:

Movie Making How To: Storyboards Transcript:

how to storyboards

Creating storyboards become more important as your productions become larger and larger. Storyboards are a way of showing your intentions more clearly to your crew. These are ways to clearly show the cast, camera and light department and even makeup and props as to what is needed in each shot. How much can been seen in a shot can also determine how much time is needed for scheduling.

Even rough storyboards with stick figures help to get an idea across to people or you can do even more detailed storyboards with more information in the frame. Going one step further, you can even animate storyboards on a computer to create animatics. These show camera movement and timing to demonstrate pacing.

Storyboards are sometimes drawn outside of the frame to add more details or to provide more options while shooting.

Sometimes storyboards are just rough ideas and sometimes they can be what exactly ends up on-screen.

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Framelines has been nominated for an Emmy and is an award-winning series that was broadcast on PBS.

The above video features storyboards by: Walter G. Nalley, Erika Brook Franta, and Mike Bruinsma.

Movie Making How To: Storyboards is hosted by: Peter John Ross

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