Modern Women Digest Claims 'Video Games Turn Your Children Into Homosexuals'

MWD Claims: ‘Video Games Turn Your Children Into Homosexuals’

According to the popular blog, Modern Women Digest, video games are: ‘packaged weapons aimed at our children by the Gay community to turn our children into homosexuals.’

The article is written by the author Adora Bull, who is the national spokeswoman for Goths For Christ and is one of the leading contributors to Modern Women Digest. (MWD for short) Bull describes herself as a ‘journalist’ and ‘a proud American woman, who wants only the best for our nations future.’

Bull’s article entitled: How Video Games Are Turning Your Children Into Homosexuals was initially published on November 4th 2013, yet it has only recently become popular due to outraged gamers and parents expressing their concerns on social media. Some of the author’s opinions of the video game industry have been so extreme, that some readers have begun to question if the article is a satirical piece. However, inspection of the website’s About page suggests otherwise:

Modern Woman Digest is an online portal for all things related to womanhood and the challenges we face in today’s society. Our goal is to open up new avenues of thought for females the world over and to promote the cornerstones of femininity–Motherhood, Family, Confidence, and Beauty.

Throughout the article, Bull makes wild accusations with little evidence to support her arguments including:

Video games, as well as homosexuality, was an invention of the early 20th century, although video games, as well as homosexuality, only started to become popular and socially acceptable in the late 1970s. Do you see any coincidences yet?

The computer, where a large majority of video games are played on in our modern age, was invented by a homosexual named Alan Turing.

A large majority of serial killers were also homosexuals.

There’s nothing more homosexual than watching a bunch of men in tights running around wrestling with each other for some balls. It’s even worse that these children are forced to play the game with a viewing perspective of their character’s buttocks the whole time. I find it incredibly hard to believe that the developers of these games did not know what they were doing when they made their characters overly muscular while wearing tight little shorts…

Not only does it encourage homosexuality, but it also encourages cross-dressing.

Role Playing or Fantasy games. This genre is especially dangerous to young, impressionable minds out there. Not only are all the male characters in these games extremely feminine and heavily into cross dressing, but many of them are so girly that it’s hard to even tell what gender the character even is. This is cause for great concern, as it instills in our children a sense of gender confusion, or gender neutrality, and sends the message to little boys that it’s okay to be gay or at least be really effeminate.

Avoid any that are “anime styled” or made in Japan, or any games that have an overabundance of magic themed characters, as they often showcase male characters with long, flowing hair and wearing dresses.

The only major difference in this specific genre (MMOS) is instead of playing these games by yourself in shame, you are playing “online” with a massive amount of other players plopped into your game as well that you can interact with on various levels.

Most people who gravitate towards these games are sexual predators, many of them being pedophiles specifically. These dirty men will make girly looking characters and attempt to engage in lewd activities with whomever they can, something that has come to be known in the online community as “cyber sexing.” They don’t care who they do it with, or what age the person behind their avatar is.

Your child is pretty much guaranteed to walk away from it as a homosexual, if he’s not already, since to want to play these types of games, you must have some homosexual tendencies to begin with.

Video games out there that are a subliminal danger to your children.

It is a clear tool for the Homosexual agenda, in which to recruit new members to their “team.”

I don’t tend to write articles of this nature, but every so often I feel it’s important to make a statement. In truth, my opinions do not matter.  I am in no way a singular voice for a community, nor do I feel that I have some form of importance in this world. I’m simply a guy who is disgusted by an article written by a horrible, disgusting little woman, who abuses and twists religious beliefs to justify her wicked opinions.

I fail to understand how a clear advocate of Christianity and of a loving God, could ever devise such a hateful and vindictive opinion on society. Furthermore, her peculiar beliefs are published online and written on a computer; a device invented by a gay atheist.

Perhaps I am in the minority and you, the reader, feel otherwise? Let me know in the comments section below:

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