Greg Pak Takes Over Action Comics

It has been announced that Greg Pak will be taking over DC’s ACTION COMICS.  The future of the iconic series was in jeopardy after writer Andy Diggle decided to leave the book.

Speaking to USA TODAY, Pak commented:

“One of those things you dream about idly, imagining the craziest thing that could ever happen to you in your comics career.”

Pak has been busy working on BATMAN / SUPERMAN #1 and a one shoot designed for DC’s VILLAINS MONTH entitled JUSTICE LEAGUE: DARKSEID. Despite being better known for his work on MARVEL’s PLANET HULK series, Pak has demonstrated his love for DC COMICS:

I’m having a ridiculously fun time working at DC. It is indeed a huge blast tackling such iconic characters — particularly in the New 52, where I’ve been encouraged to think big and take risks while exploring the meaty emotional questions of what really makes these characters tick. It’s my favorite kind of writing and I couldn’t be happier. Superman and Batman were at the top of my list of DC characters I hoped to have a chance to write someday, so my head just about popped off when I was offered the “Batman/Superman” book. These are characters that I’ve been thinking about since I was 5 and it’s been incredibly fun diving into their worlds and minds and hearts and seeing Jae Lee bring them to life. And yes, I definitely have a list of other DC characters I’m itching to get my hands on. Without spoiling too much, I can say that in the last month, I’ve checked off three more names on that list.

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