Quint says if you like The Last of Us, wait until you get a load of THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS!!!

By quint One of the best films playing Fantastic Fest 2016 is The Girl With All The Gifts, about a smart, bright, happy young girl who also happens to be a monster.
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Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with another Fantastic Fest review for ya’, this time taking a look at the genre-shifting dramatic horror flick THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS.
Melanie is a special little girl. She’s polite. She’s kind. She’s very, very smart and loves hearing and telling stories. She’s also a zombie. Not the undead kind, but more the infected kind. Either way, under the right circumstances she’ll lose control and rip your throat out.

I’m not familiar with Mike Carey’s book, but the movie is something kind of unique. It could easily be seen as a YA style story, but it’s way too dark, bloody and R-rated to be put on the shelf next to something like Warm Bodies. I think that weird niche it carved out is what’s getting so much positive attention from critics. I’ve seen hyperbolic quotes calling this a wholly original take on a zombie film and talked to a few people at the fest that agree.
I loved the movie, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call it the most original thing ever. It could just be coincidence, but it leans just as heavily on The Last of Us as Hunger Games does on Battle Royale. Last time I made that Hunger Games statement YA fans came out of the woodwork to tell me how the author never saw Battle Royale and while I’m happy to take her word for it you have to admit it’s a hell of a coincidence if so.
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