Review: ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6, Episode 1, ‘First Time Again’: Rick Grimes and the Quarry of Doom

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PreviouslyThe Ricketeers were recruited by the sleepy town of Alexandria, but Rick came into conflict with town leader Deanna when she found out his solution to most problems is “murder everyone before they can murder you.” But when Deanna’s husband was killed by an abusive drunk with a samurai sword, she gave Rick the go-ahead to execute the dude in front of an entire town meeting. Lo and behold, Rick killed the guy right in front of his old friend Morgan, who finally caught up with our heroes.

This Week In Zombie ActionThis one’s a corker. Turns out Alexandria has seen so little walker activity because the walkers have all been falling into a nearby quarry whose exits are blocked by semi-trucks. Unfortunately, one of the trucks is on a precarious cliff and could fall any day, so Rick and the gang come up with a crazy scheme to lead the zombie hoard away from town….

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