Schools Want To Ban Imagination and Comic-Books!

Schools Want To Ban Comic-Books

We live in an era that for many of us, feels unique.  A society in fear of imagination, religion, identity, thought and emotion, a world that for many is a prison with no bars.

We are not facing anything unique or unseen.  Terrorism, censorship and paranoia have been inflicted on society countless times before. Like suppressed lemmings, society ever stumbles forward, ignoring past mistakes and granting the revival of fearful paranoia.

Conspiracy Theorists or any who oppose the forced opinions by popular media outlets, are often criticised, humiliated or simply ignored.  This detracts from their argument based wholly on fact.

While I agree that some claims are beyond the realm of imagination, cold hard facts are difficult to ignore.

Taking fluoride as an example, it was first introduced into water supplies by the Gestapo. It’s purpose was to suppress emotion and sterilise occupants in concentration camps. In 2011 the National Poison Data System reported 21,513 incidence of poisoning from tooth paste containing fluoride. Sodium fluoride causes cancer, apathy, lowers IQ and is a common ingredient in rat poison.

Yet we fight to have fluoride in our water supply as the opinion forced upon us is that fluoride in water is good for your teeth…

While some may believe that there are sinister motives behind these actions, others believe it is simply due to inefficiency by their government. Regardless, there is a countless number of scenarios that spreads distrust, alters public’s perception and ignores fact.

Over time, we are slowly losing our identity. We willingly give up personal liberties to be ‘safe’ which in itself is a paradox as we are fighting for our liberty.

Regardless of our standing with friends or family, we are to keep a watchful eye, to report anything suspicious or against the will of our governments. While some of you may feel that this only applies in extreme situations, we are told to spy on our neighbors, to bug and monitor our children and now suppress a child’s imagination…

As can be seen in the above letter:

Children’s imaginations are becoming dangerously overactive.

The letter goes on to state:

Although we encourage creative thinking and imaginary play, we do not promote out children hurting one another.

Monitor the different media that your children may view.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Cold, sterile, mistake ridden, bunkum.

I’m not going to rant and rave as I normally would. I’m not going criticise the language used, (monitor and cooperation), I will simply state that we need to forgo the notion that common sense will not prevail. We need to take control of our own lives, to guide rather than tell to help instead of protect.

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