Screenwriting Challenge: Can You Write an Original Screenplay in a Month?

Inspired by NANOWRIMO, where people commit to writing a draft of a novel in November, screenwriter Scott Myers is adapting the challenge for screenwriting and inviting people to pound out a feature-length screenplay in November. He’s posted about the challenge on his blog Go Into The Story, the official screenwriting blog of The Black List. He’s calling it Zero Draft Thirty.

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In past years, NANOWRIMO also sponsored a screenwriting challenge called Script Frenzy, which ran from 2007 to 2012. On his blog, Myers explains why he decided to resurrect it and how the new challenge will work:

Zero Draft is what some writers call the vomit draft… or muscle draft… the just-get-the-damn-thing-done draft.

And thirty is… well… the number 30 which is… oh, yeah… the number of days in November!

So Zero Draft Thirty it is! What I’m thinking is this:

* Each day, I will compose and upload a ZDT post. In…

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