Star-Wars 1313 On Hold

Star Wars 1313 On Hold Because of Star Wars Episode VII?

Star-Wars 1313 On Hold
Star-Wars 1313 On Hold

LucasArt’s latest venture into the Star Wars universe is reportedly on hold due to Disney not wishing any of their products to conflict with Star Wars Episode VII. As ‘Star Wars 1313’ would be viewed as the ‘Expanded Universe’, development has been put on hold.

Last year, the game was well received at E3 and some suspect that alterations may be made to the game to accommodate Star Wars Episode VII and to feature on the next generation of consoles, in particular the rumoured XBOX and Playstation 4.

Despite this not really being a movie related news story, it does support the theory that the Expanded Universe is being forgotten and that a new version is in the works. You can check out the stunning trailer for ‘Star Wars 1313’ below:


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Source: Kotaku

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