Star Wars Episode VII: 12 Hidden Clues You Missed

The cast for Star Wars Episode VII has finally revealed including 12 hidden clues you missed:


1. Peter Mayhew Star Wars Episode VIIPeter Mayhew Lives and Breathes Star Wars


Peter Mayhew is best known for his iconic role as Chewbacca and is often photographed wearing a Star Wars t-shirt or holding his custom-made Lightsaber walking stick. Yet this appreciation for Star Wars is often mistaken for a marketing strategy to sell more autographs at comic-book conventions.

However, during the first script reading for Star Wars Episode VII, Peter Mayhew was wearing a Star Wars t-shirt with a Rebel Alliance insignia on his left arm. Furthermore, opposed to many of his fellow cast members, Mayhew is digging into his script.

I believe that this picture serves as further confirmation that Peter Mayhew lives and breathes Star Wars.


2. The set for The Millennium Falcon in Star Wars Episode VII Can Be Seen In The Background

Star Wars Episode VII Millenium Falcon Set

A single section of the Millennium Falcon set for Star Wars Episode VII can be seen in the background. It would seem that this set is still under construction and a single triangular support can be seen at the base of the wall. However, this single support suggests that only one side of the wall will be used during filming.

Han Leia kiss

The only door from the Star Wars franchise to match the same size and dimensions of the door above is the door in The Millennium Falcon that leads to where Han Solo and Princess Leia first share a kiss in The Empire Strikes Back.

This proposes some interesting questions:

  • a) Will Han and Leia rekindle their romance by reminiscing about their first kiss?
  • b) Is The Millennium Falcon damaged in Star Wars Episode VII?


3. The New Jedi Temple In Star Wars Episode VII Is On Yavin IV


A large pillar resting on an angled base can be seen in the top left hand corner of the photograph. While it still lacks textures and weathering, the pillar shares many of the characteristics seen in the Rebel Base on Yavin IV.

While speculative, this supports a recent rumor that Luke Skywalker establishes the New Jedi Temple on Yavin IV.


4. There Are Only 8 Interior Sets For Star Wars Episode VII

Star Wars Episode VII set plans

A table behind J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan has eight architect drawings resting on it. This proposes that there are only eight large interior sets for Star Wars Episode VII.

If I’m correct, (big if) the eight drawings suggest that the structure of Star Wars Episode VII will be similar to A New Hope: a traditional and linear plot that progresses from one setpeice to the next.

This structure is unlike The Empire Strikes Back which splinters the group of characters into individual storylines that conclude with the group reforming at the end of the film. This naturally requires significantly more sets and locations.


5. Does Mark Hamill Hate Peter Mayhew?


mark hamill peter mayhew star wars episode vii

Looking closely at Mark Hamill, he seems to be glaring at someone or something. Following his eye line, we can see that Peter Mayhew is the person he is looking at.  Furthermore, Anthony Daniels is in discussion with Hamill which suggests that the person or object being looked at is the topic of the conversation.

Anthony Daniels has been photographed with his legs crossed and his feet pointing towards Mark Hamill. A psychological analysis of his body language suggests that by crossing his legs, Daniels is closing himself off and is indicating that he is not willing to change his opinion. However, by Anthony Daniels pointing his feet towards Mark Hamill, he is showing that he is still interested in the discussion.

Taking this evidence into consideration, it is possible that Mark Hamill is saying something negative about Peter Mayhew. Anthony Daniels wishes to learn more, yet he is unwilling to change his opinion of his costar and he isn’t comfortable with what’s being discussed.


6. Is Harrison Ford Nervous About Being In Star Wars Episode VII?


Harrison Ford Star Wars Episode VII

Harrison Ford’s perspiration under his arms as well as his body language suggests that the actor is nervous:

  • Paying close attention to Harrison Ford’s eye line, we find that as he listens to J.J. Abrams, he is looking down. According to psychology, this means that the person is probably shy or timid or are trying to hide something that is emotional.
  • Ford is also lowering his brow. This is associated with someone attempting to understand what the other person is saying.
  • Harrison Ford has his legs cross in an American Figure Four with his foot pointing away from Abrams. This means that Harrison Ford is unwilling to change his opinion and wants to leave the conversation.


A direct interpretation of Ford’s body language is that he is attempting to hide his emotions while trying to understand what it is that the director is telling him. Ford isn’t willing to change his opinion as he doesn’t understand what it is that is being discussed. As he is nervous, he no longer wishes to continue the conversation. However, the American Figure Four Leg Cross has other psychological associations that I will explore later in this article.

Further inspection of the photograph reveals that Ford has two copies of the hardback script: one that he is holding and a second under his chair. None of the other actors in the photograph have additional copies of the script and this suggests that Harrison Ford is taking his role very seriously. While not conclusive, this may be further evidence that Harrison Ford is nervous about his role in Star Wars Episode VII.


7. Is J.J. Abram’s Nervous of Harrison Ford?


By examining the body language of J.J. Abrams, it would appear that the director is nervous of Harrison Ford being in Star Wars Episode VII.

  • Both of Abram’s hands have open palms while his right hand is held at a 45 degree angle. Open palms are associated with trust and closing a sale while a 45 degree angle communicates honesty and openness.
  • Both of his arms are held up and in front of his body which is used to help emphasise the point that he is making.
  • A person who crosses their legs at the ankles is attempting to withhold their emotions and suggests fear. (88% of dental patents lock their feet at the ankles when they first sit down)


Harrison Ford’s legs are crossed with his foot pointing away from Abrams. The American Figure Four is associated with a person being argumentative, dominant, yet has not yet conclusively made their decision. Harrison Ford’s foot is facing away from Abrams which suggests that the actor would rather break away from the conversation.

Therefore, by taking this evidence into consideration: Abrams is confident in his opinion, yet he’s nervous of Harrison Ford. Abrams is trying to sell his idea to a closed off and dominant actor. However, as noted above, Ford doesn’t quite understand the point that the director is making.and while not conclusive, is at this point unwilling to change his opinion. As noted above, Ford is nervous and he would rather break away from the conversation entirely.


8. Is Adam Driver Attempting to Dominate His Co-Stars?


light side dark side star wars episode vii

Adam Driver is photographed talking to Oscar Isaac and John Boyega. However, it would appear that Driver is attempting to dominate his costars:

  • Driver’s legs are straight, yet spread wide apart. This is common with monkeys who do this to display their genitals to declare themselves as the masters of their group. With humans, this is associated with someone asserting their dominance.
  • Driver’s hands are steeped (palms facing together with fingertips touching) which is a public display of confidence and self-assurance. However, this is also a sign of power and signifies that the person has found a way to destroy their opponent.


Therefore, Adam Driver’s body language indicates that he is signifying his power and confidence as he wishes to dominate the group. During his discussion with Oscar Isaac and John Boyega, he has identified a way to dominate and destroy them; proposing that Driver views his costars as opponents.


9. Oscar Isaac and John Boyega Are Not Comfortable With Adam Driver


John Boyega is sitting in a very defensive position while Oscar Isaac is in the process of moving his body. Further inspection identifies many intriguing clues:

  • Both of Boyega’s hands are clenched together with his thumbs not tucked in. This means that Boyega is preparing for conflict.
  • Boyega’s feet are pointing away from Driver which means that he wants to end the conversation with his costar.
  • Oscar Isaac is in the process of moving his left leg to cross over his right leg. This means that Isaac wishes to leave the conversation.
  • Isaac is clasping his closed Star Wars Episode VII script with both hands. This is a closed position which indicates that Isaac is unwilling to change his opinion.


10. Is Andy Serkis The New Chewbacca?


Andy Serkis Star Wars Episode VIIAndy Serkis has a long and successful career working in film and television. However, the majority of the actor’s work has had a limited release in the UK or has not been broadcast in the US. This has resulted in the US associating him with his better known acting roles that are predominantly motion captured performances.

Despite Star Wars Episode VII being shot in the UK, the film is controlled and funded by an US company. (The Walt Disney Company) Therefore, it would be safe to presume that the producers have agreed to Serkis’ involvement based on their opinion of his motion capture roles.

However, J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy have stated on numerous occasions that they wish for the film to use as little CGI as possible. Therefore, it is possible that Serkis will not be doing a motion captured role in Star Wars Episode VII, but rather be wearing a physical suit.

The majority of the aliens in the Original Star Wars Trilogy speak a number of exotic languages that have been invented and brought to life by Ben Burtt and linguistic experts. As Star Wars Episode VII is to share more similarities to the Original Trilogy than the Prequels, there is a high probability that Serkis will not have any lines in the film. Instead, his role may be similar to Caesar in Rise of the Planet of the Apes by only using his body and facial expressions to bring his character to life.

It’s also worth noting that Serkis is seated next to Oscar Isaac which proposes some intriguing questions:

  • Is Andy Serkis the new Chewbacca?
  • Is Oscar Isaac the new Han Solo?
  • Do Andy Serkis and Oscar Isaac share a number of scenes together?


11. Did Kathleen Kennedy Push For Domhnall Glesson?


  • Kathleen Kennedy’s legs are crossed with her knee pointing towards Domhnall Gleeson. This body language suggests flirtation and that she wishes to continue her conversation with Domhnall Glesson.
  • Gleeson was given the role the day prior to the script reading. This last-minute decision suggests that Abrams was torn between who should be given the role.


Is it possible that Kennedy used her influence to have Gleeson cast in Star Wars Episode VII?


12. The Circle May Give Us Clues



Looking at the above photograph, we can see three groups of actors:


Harrison Ford, Daisy Ridley, Carrie Fisher and Peter Mayhew

At first glance, it may be easy to discount that the actors have been seated in groups relating to who they spend the most onscreen time with. However, the first group suggests otherwise. The characters Han Solo, Princess Leia and Chewbacca are together in the majority of their scenes in the Original Star Wars Trilogy. The exception to this group is Daisy Ridley, yet there has been a strong indication that she plays the daughter of Han and Leia. If this theory is correct,  this accounts for why the actress is seated between Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher.


Domhnall Gleeson, Anthony Daniels and Mark Hamill

It has been suggested that Luke Skywalker’s son will be in Star Wars Episode VII. Taking this into consideration along with the above picture, we have to presume that Domhnall Gleeson will be playing either Skywalker’s son or a new droid that joins C3PO. As noted in point 11, it would seem that there has been considerable thought into who should play Gleeson’s role. This means that his involvement is more profound than a supporting role.

With Anthony Daniels as C3PO being placed in the middle of both Mark Hamill and Domhnall Gleeson, we have to presume that C3PO is the bridge between both characters. However, if Gleeson is playing Skywalker’s son, why is there an absent female character? Is it possible that this hypothetical character has created a divide between characters?

There has been speculation that the character Ventress from The Clone Wars (and counted as Star Wars cannon by Disney) will be in Star Wars Episode VII. This proposes some very interesting questions:

  • Has Luke’s wife died?
  • Is Ventress Luke’s wife?
  • Has Luke pushed his wife away as she is a former / current Sith?
  • By protecting his son from the Dark Side, does Luke push his son away?

It has also been suggested that Star Wars Episode VII will not feature any Sith characters and will instead have the Nightsisters of Dathomir as it’s villains. If this is true, is Luke’s son half Jedi, half Nightsister?

This is a very exciting prospect as we would be presented with a torn character who is unable to find his place in the galaxy. Resenting his father, he slowly drifts towards the Dark Side and seeks to associate himself with a culture. He finds his mother, Ventress, on Dathomir who helps her son to develop unusual abilities that mixes the Force with magic.

In truth, the plot for Star Wars Episode VII will probably not as exciting as my Nightsister fan fiction. However, should any of my speculation be true, this is perhaps Abrams and Kasdan’s attempt to bring the mystical back to Star Wars.

Andy Serkis, Oscar Isaac, John Boyega and Adam Driver

As noted above and as a reflection of group 1, I suspect that Andy Serkis is playing a similar role to Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca. Oscar Isaac has an interesting look that is a blend of a scruffy Han Solo and a dashing Lando Calrissian. While I admit that this is mere speculation, I suspect that Isaac’s character will be a blend of the two: the dashing anti-hero of the saga who pilots a yet to be iconic space ship that rivals The Millenium Falcon. (perhaps a YT-2400?)

John Boyega is an expert at playing a pissed off teen who believes that he is beyond the law. He has the potential to play a badass character that when confronted with the Dark Side, is able to resist it in style. He’s able to express a subtle inner conflict without sounding like a menstruating cheerleader. In other words: John Boyega is the Anakin Skywalker we always hoped for.

As noted above, Adam Driver may be attempting to dominate his co-stars.  Should this be a common trait of Driver’s personality and the reason for being cast in the film, it is possible that he his role will be a will be dominating evil who seeks new ways to destroy his enemies. Again, this is mere speculation.


The Producers of Star Wars Episode VII

It’s worth noting that the film’s producers are seated together which suggests a united front. However, J.J. Abrams is seated on the opposite side of the room. This portrays the producers as being supportive and involved in the production without interfering with the director’s vision.

J.J. Abrams is seated in a unique chair that stands out. It’s a single seated armchair that is square and in a dark color. This suggests that he is a person that everyone should pay attention to. However, the placement of R2-D2 behind his chair counteracts this intention as the prop draws a person’s eyeline away from the director sitting in his chair.

I would be interested to find out who decided to have R2-D2 placed where it is as the object proposes the following:

  • Abrams wanted it there then to draw attention away from himself
  • The producers wanted it there as they want to draw importance away from Abrams
  • The photographer wanted it placed there and misunderstood what was important about the photograph
  • The props department placed it there as they have an issue with the director
  • Nobody was thinking things through



I fully admit that the above analysis contains little or no confirmed information. However, it’s interesting to see how body language, hidden objects and seating arrangements begin to tell a story. We start to learn about what the actors are thinking, how they interact with one another and we begin to form a rough outline for the plot of Star Wars Episode VII.

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