Steven King Slams Game of Thrones Fans

Steven King Slams Game of Thrones Fans

While on Twitter, Steven King publically slammed Game of Thrones fans who were surprised by the events of the episode: The Lion and The Rose.

The author stated:

King Joffrey: one glass of one too many. See you later, you sadistic little punkass.


Come on, guys, it’s been in the books for 15 years or so, and the episode ran tonight.


Another spoiler: Romeo and Juliet die in Act 5.

As someone who has not read the books, I wasn’t aware of their existence until HBO announced that they were producing the television series: Game of Thrones. However, I now find myself in the situation that I will not read them until it reaches its final conclusion. The unfortunate byproduct of this predicament is that it may be some years before I will eventually read the novels.

While I acknowledge the sentiments behind Steven King’s Tweets, I suspect that many of my fellow Game of Thrones fans are in a similar scenario as I find myself in. I want to continue to enjoy the series by avoiding all possible spoilers that in turn means that I will refrain from reading the books. However, I fully understand that an author would struggle acknowledge or accept that in certain circumstances, a television series or film may take priority over the original, printed material.

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