ghoul squad #2

Comic-Book Review: Ghoul Squad #2

Title: Ghoul Squad #2 Writer: Brandon Rhiness Pencils & Inks: Carlos Trigo Colors: Nick O’Gorman Letters: Chris Johnson Publisher: The Higher Universe Ghoul Squad #2 Plot Synopsis: In Ghoul Squad #2 Varney the Vampire has gathered an assortment of “monsters” and set up shop in a castle in Transylvania. His plan is to combat supernatural […]

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Black Alpha 1

Comic-Book Review: Black Alpha #1

[infobox] Title: Black Alpha #1 Written by: Drew Hunt Artist: Christian Colbert and Tom Rasch Publisher: Vizion Studios Black Alpha #1 Plot Synopsis: Charged to serve and protect the people of the Caratia Star Systems, (or provinces as they are commonly known) The Amariah are one of several factions of the mighty GUARDSMEN, a warrior […]

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Twilight Zone #3 Comic-Book Review cover

Comic-Book Review: Twilight Zone #3

< Title: Twilight Zone #3 Covers: Francesco Francavilla Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Art: Guiu Vilanova Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment Twilight Zone #3 Plot Synopsis: When Trevor Richmond left behind his old life, the last thing he expected was that someone else might move in to take his place. But that’s exactly what has happened. Who is the man everyone […]

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Comic Station Issue 47

Comic Station Issue #47

New Releases:Samurai Jack #2 from IDW, Cataclysm Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates #1, A Voice in the Dark #1 from Image’s Top Cow Productions, and Harley Quinn #0, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #8 and Red Hood and the Outlaws #25 from DC Comics. Reviews: Two favorable reviews this week?!?? Watch to find out […]

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