How Testimonials Increase Digital Comic-Book Sales By

How Testimonials Increase Digital Comic-Book Sales By 64.53%

Introduction to Testimonials

Testimonials are an integral part of any website that intends to sell a product or service online. Oddly, many independent comic-book publishers do not provide them to potential customers and this results in the company not maximizing the number of issues sold through their website. This article will address how testimonials can increase digital comic-book sales by 64.53%.


What Is A Testimonial?


How Testimonials Increase Digital Comic-Book Sales By 64.53%


Chances are that while surfing online or doing some last-minute gift buying online, you’ve stumbled across a testimonial. In short, a testimonial is a mini review of a product or service by either a member of the public or by someone of authority within the related industry.

The above testimonial is from the website We Love White Teeth. The website uses a series of detailed testimonials provided by their clients, including a picture of the person quoted and the source of the quotation. While testimonials are not always this detailed, additional information always helps to influence the visitor to buy a product or service as they believe that the information being presented is accurate and true.


Why Testimonials Are Important For Increasing Digital Comic-Book Sales

Regardless of how amazing you think your comic-book is, always presume that every visitor to your website has absolutely no desire to purchase or download it. Even if your comic-book is being offered for free, the public will automatically question its quality and ponder if there is a hidden agenda.

Time is valuable and visitors to your website subconsciously have one eye on the clock. This means that you have a limited amount of time to grab their attention and to prove to them that your comic-book is worthy of them investing their time and money.

Most visitors will base their final buying decision on a review from a respected source of information. While this is more often than not an established authority or reviewer in the comic-book industry, customer testimonials can be equally as powerful. Even if you already have reviews of your comic-book published on other websites, the only way for the visitor to read these other reviews is by exiting your sales page.

If you’re selling a digital comic-book (or any other type of product or service) it is critical that you focus the attention of your visitor for a long as possible. Testimonials are bite sized reviews, giving the visitor one less reason to leave your webpage and ponder over their decision to buy your digital comic-book.

I can’t stress this enough: never give someone a reason to leave your digital comic-book sales page.


Testimonials That You Should Use On Your Landing Page

Use longer, detailed testimonials:

Brief testimonials with words such as ‘amazing’ or ‘wow’ are useless.  Ultimately people reading them will question their authenticity and therefore will not trust your product, your publishing company or your website. Ensure that your testimonials include as much detail as possible, including specific and/or numerical information.

Use pictures:

When you have a testimonial on your website, always use a picture of the person quoted. Should a website or publication be providing the testimonial, use their logo.  Pictures help to sell your testimonial as they allow the reader to associate the quote with a face or establishment.

Address potential problems:

Use testimonials as a way to address potential problems that may prevent people from buying your digital comic-book. Disarm any mental barriers or preconceived impressions that visitors may have about independent comic-books.

Where to Place Your Testimonials to Increase Your Comic-Book Sales

 How Testimonials Increase Digital Comic-Book Sales By 64.53% increased their conversion rate of visitors to downloads by 64.53%. This was achieved by splitting a single block of four testimonials into two separate locations on their landing page. This results in one set of testimonials being seen immediately upon arriving on the landing page.

Similar to, ensure that a minimum of two testimonials can be seen when the visitor arrives at your sales page.  However, to ensure maximum exposure, have a further two testimonials under your “call to action” or “purchase” button. Both sets of testimonials will help to break the visitor’s mental barriers about buying your digital comic-book and, depending on the browser used by the visitor, this may present all four testimonials at once; with the purchase button nestled nicely in the middle!


Not Tech Savvy?

I hope that you enjoyed reading How Testimonials Increase Digital Comic-Book Sales By 64.53%. However, if you’re not tech savvy and need immediate help with your website, then please feel free to contact me by e-mail: [email protected] or visit

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