The Avengers Universe To Battle Thanos!

Avengers to Join Skrulls
Avengers to Join Skrulls

I’m not a massive fan of Marvel’s Secret Invasion. Despite enjoying a couple of issues, (Deadpool up to his usual, crazy antics!) I feel Marvel didn’t develop the most intriguing elements of the story.

I would have prefered Secret Invasion to be similar to Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Thing and House of M (and to a degree The Last Son of Krypton). The world’s population is slowly being taken over, resulting in a small band of superheroes on the run. It could be argued that a storyline of this nature would be in danger of repeating elements of Civil War and is perhaps the reason why the series took the direction that it did.

Free Comic Book Day saw the release of Infinity #1, the beginning of Marvel’s latest mega-crossover. Infinity is written by Jonan Hickman, who has hinted that the series will have a unique twist.

Avengers 18# is due out in August and is written by Hickman and Leinil F. Yu. The issue is to center around The Avengers attempting to unite every hero in the cosmos called The Avengers Universe. Captain America and his fellow Avengers must join the Council of Worlds and quickly realise that their success is depends on rebuilding the Skrull Empire.

Tom Brevoort who is the Executive Editor at Marvel Entertainment stated:

“Moreso than any other tie-ins, Jonathan’s issues of Avengers and New Avengers are an integral core part of the Infinity story–absolutely essential to the reading experience… So these issues that Leinil is drawing are key to everything”

Many Marvel fans have begun to speculate on who the alien race may be… Let the rumours begin!

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