Star Wars Episode VII: ‘Inexplicably Difficult to Achieve’

The Chinese Trailer For The Force Awakens Is The Greatest Star Wars Trailer of All Time

The Chinese trailer for The Force Awakens is the greatest Star Wars trailer of all time. It’s exceptionally well put together, thoughtful and encapsulates the magic of the original films.

For me, movies aren’t what they once were. There’s the good, the bad and the terribly mediocre. Very few manage to grab hold of ‘something’. It’s an indescribable emotion that’s unlike any other.

There’s two moments in the Chinese trailer for The Force Awakens that tore through me and grabbed hold of this ‘inner emotion’.

The first is when Han and Chewie are flying the Millennium Falcon. Han Solo leans forward and screams:

“Come on baby, don’t let me down!”

Chewbacca roars in agreement as a thrilling shiver of excitement thundered up my spine.

The second time that this happened while watching the trailer is a shot of the Millennium Falcon leading a squadron of X-Wings towards the Starkiller base. It’s brief, but it echos a magical moment in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope: the attack on the Death Star. 

However, there is one shot that is exclusive to the Chinese trailer for The Force Awakens that saddens me. The Millennium Falcon crashes and skips in the show and while I suspect that it will not be destroyed, it’s like seeing a part of your childhood skip, crash and burn.

It’s similar to the film Creed. Rocky is a character who has always inspired me and to see him reduced to nothing is heartbreaking. Rocky is no longer a Titan. He’s a mortal being who’s stripped down and beaten by cancer to become an old, grey and feeble man. If the Millennium Falcon is striped down and reduced to nothing, an old, grey and feeble wreck: then for me, it’s heartbreaking.

I know that this is an extreme reaction to a movie trailer, but you have to understand that Star Wars represents my childhood. My fear that Han Solo, Chewbacca and the Millennium Falcon may never be seen again, is perhaps the reason why I feel that the trailer is so powerful. It’s telling me that I have to ‘grow up’ and become a ‘responsible adult’. It’s screaming at me:

“It’s over, time to move on. Things break, people die and you’ll never see your childhood again. Grow up.”

It’s entirely possible that Star Wars The Force Awakens will be my final childhood adventure. A 33 year-old man, reduced to a 5 year-old boy for just 2 more hours. While some may claim that The Phantom Menace ‘raped’ their childhood’, The Force Awakens may kill mine.

Watch the trailer and you might agree that the Chinese trailer for The Force Awakens is the greatest Star Wars movie trailer of all time. Perhaps the greatest trailer of all time.

I need a therapist…

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