The Jungle 2013 movie trailer

The Jungle (2013) Movie Trailer

The Jungle Cast and Crew:

Director: Andrew Traucki
Writer: Andrew Traucki
Stars: Igusti Budianthika, Rupert Reid, Michelle Santos

The Jungle Movie Synopsis:

From the writer/director of “Black Water” & “The Reef“, “THE JUNGLE” tells the story of big cat conservationist Larry Black and his filmmaker brother Ben as they travel into the Indonesian jungle to document the rare and endangered Javan Leopard. As they travel deeper and deeper into the jungle they realise they are being stalked by a deadly predator and it’s on the hunt…..

Our Thoughts:

Oh dear… I’m guessing that The Jungle cost peanuts to produce and while it may not have the budget for a strong advertising campaign, it’s DVD and Blu-ray sales may do well. However, the leaked DVD cover is poor. (in particular the plot synopsis and production stills on the back)

With regards to the trailer, I think that Metrodome have failed to capitalise on what makes these films so popular. Most films of a similar style focus on testimonials and audience reactions to convey that their film is scariest found horror movie ever made. Their trailers are often fun to watch and have the potential to be shared and discussed on social media.

Instead, the trailer focuses on what appears to be a weak plotline and the film’s wooden acting. The use of a native Indonesian has the potential to ground the film in reality, yet the actor looks out-of-place.

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