The Most Realistic Grand Moff Tarkin Bust Ever Made

The Most Realistic Grand Moff Tarkin Bust Ever Made

Jordu Schell who is the lead creature designer for James Cameron’s Avatar and creature designer for The Mist, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and 300, has created the most realistic Grand Moff Tarkin bust ever made.

Grand Moff Tarkin Bust Jordu Schell

The 1:1 scale bust is sculpted using the latest manmade materials including silicone. Schell then painted a number of different skin tones to create a realistic completion for his creation. To complete his Grand Moff Tarkin sculpture he then used a pair of glass eyes followed by punching each individual hair.

Schell’s sculpture of Peter Cushing is so impressive that it raises a number of questions about Hollywood’s reliance on computer generated models. Unlike CGI, Jordu Schell’s Grand Moff Tarkin is able to trick the mind into believing that the bust is real. Due to the flexibility of the materials used, the mask is able to match the expressions of the actor wearing it.

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