The Nobodies #1 Comic-Book Review

The Nobodies #1 Comic-Book Review: ‘Jason Vinson May Have A Sleeper Hit on His Hands!’

Title: The Nobodies #1
Written by: Jason Vinson
Art: Ger Curtis, Ariel Iacci
Publisher: Self Published

The Nobodies #1 Plot Synopsis:

Iggy wakes up in a harsh world, where people have lost all cognition and emotion. He has no memory of how he came to be in Buffalo, NY of all places. Kidnapped, he discovers the brutalities of the world quickly. Scavenger groups murder for pleasure, his kidnappers have no regard for those left behind. Can he survive, and perhaps find out the mystery behind his circumstance and the Nobodies?

The Nobodies #1 Preview:

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The Nobodies #1 Comic-Book Review:

The Nobodies #1 will remind many fans of The Walking Dead series. A guy claims wakes up from a normal life and is suddenly thrust into a post-end of the world type environment where zombie-like creatures called Nobodies are running wild and humanity is on its last threshold. The comic-book is even printed In black and white with grey scales added to the matrix. However, that’s where the similarities end. If The Walking Dead is about finding a substitute family so that you don’t die alone, then tThe Nobodies is about escaping whatever shackles you had in the past and aligning yourself with whoever has the biggest gun.

The comic-book opens with a rape scene with more foul language than any episode of Breaking Bad, along with a body count that does the History Channel’s Vikings proud. Perhaps that’s the happy middle that the writer was looking for. If you haven’t watched the Vikings series it’s full of rape and plunder on almost every episode, so you have to wonder is the writer hinting that once the world goes to shit we will abandon all traces of morality and resort back to Norse like mentalities of survival and take what you want? Maybe I’m over thinking it or making an excuse for the need to showcase such a graphic event in a comic, but then again in the Nobodies, no one is safe!

There are apparently several fractions at work here each with their own agendas. The point if view character is Tom who seems to be working with one fraction to infiltrate another. This goes horribly wrong but not before he and the reader gets some valuable information on both the nature of the Nobodies, and what’s going on in their world. Tom’s involvement with this group makes his “friends” question rather or not he will remain loyal to them.

Writer Jason Vinson crafts a tragically beautiful story here that feels familiar.This comic-book could easily fit into The Walking Dead universe with little to no changes needed. The over the top violence, cruelty, and abundant foul language, and sexual situations are merely a smoke screen for what I feel is a deep and multilayered story. I just hope that readers can get past these things to find out where all of this leads!

Ger Curtis was made to create art like this! I’m sure over the years he’s going to become a fan favorite. His storytelling ability is to notch and he knows how to set the mood and create the right kind of visual emotions on the characters. It’s the little details that he adds to all of this craziness that just makes this world come alive. I can’t do this review without mentioning the wonderful work that Ariel Iacci has out into the grey scales! This comic-book looks beautiful and violent.

Overall, after the initial shock of the rape scene and the apparently random violence fades, Nobodies #1 becomes an enjoyable read. The creative team has created a book that will be obviously compared to others within its genre, but holds its own! There are a lot of mysterious to be solved here and I think Jason Vinson may have a sleeper hit on his hands!

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