The Wolverine: International Trailer


The full trailer for The Wolverine has been released. You can watch it above!

The concept of Logan willingly accepting mortality goes against everything the character stands for and the ethos of the X-Men.

I can understand why this is used as a plot device as it essentially makes a character who is invincible, physically vulnerable, but they have missed the point of the source material.

What made Mark Millar’s graphic novel so powerful was that it showed for the first time that a man who could not be harmed, was vulnerable emotionally.  Just as he found his place in the world and accepted it, everything was taken away from him when his fiancée left him at the altar.

I can’t wrap my head around how different this film seems to be from the graphic novel. It is a classic storyline that fans have been eager to see since the 80’s. Instead of doing a direct adaptation and using quality source material, they alter it completely.

I’m really disappointed.

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