Think Tank Comic Book Review

Think Tank Comic-Book Review

Think Tank Comic-Book Review

Deadpool Speaks
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Chimichanga Talk

Where Geek culture comes to hang out. we provide our listener’s with an insider’s look at the industry. From comics to novels, from video games to movies, we cover it all. The Hosts: Deadpool Speaks: Bitten by a radioactive Gama ray exposed Smurf as a child, Deadpool grew up with the inability to shut up. This mutant power came with great responsibility, which he squandered and lost in a back alley game of craps. Now, with the power of the interweb, he is able to annoy the masses with his antiquated stories. The Great Wang: After a long stint as a Magician in Las Vegas’ famous “Dark Alley behind the MGM Grand”, Wang was forced out of the industry by bums who inhabited the alley and were tired of seeing his act. Selling used cars was his next career move, where he met Deadpool, and sold him his classy 1977 Ford Pinto and the rest was history.