This Week In Star Wars: Han Solo’s birthday, Darth Bane rumored, KOTOR released and Star Wars wraps!

Ain’t It Cool’s weekly column looks back at the important moment in Star Wars’ history!

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Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with the new This Week In Star Wars. July 13-19 covers a whole lot of important Star Wars dates. In recent history we got a glimpse at that nifty San Diego Comic-Con BTS reel and a bunch of fans out in San Diego got the rare chance to see the three original trilogy leads together and the even rarer opportunity to see Harrison Ford smile.
But we’re not focused on what happened for us last week, we want to go back farther than that. Lots of goings on during the making of Star Wars and the pre-production on Empire and Jedi as well as some fun and terribly wrong internet rumors (Darth Bane, anybody?) this week in Star Wars. Let’s check it out!

July 13th, 1942 – Harrison Ford was born. What is there to say about Harrison Ford that hasn’t already been said, especially in relation to his contribution in Star Wars? He added so much charm, personality and swagger to the role of Han Solo and that produced the perfect chemistry when paired with the standard reluctant hero and princess in need of rescuing archetypes.
The saga might be focused on the Skywalkers, but when you watch that first film Han Solo has the biggest transformation. He wants to be a dick so much, but his heart won’t let him. I’m not just talking about when he shows up at the Death Star, lasers blasting, and saves Luke’s ass. That’s an awesome moment, but there’s a more

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