Throne of Skulls 2014

Throne of Skulls 2014: Can I Build An Eldar Army For £50?

Let’s face it – even for the casual gamer Warhammer 40k is far too expensive to keep up with. With static wages and increasing household bills can I as a father really justify paying £47.00 for a box of Space Marine Centurions or £40.00 for a Stalker Tank? Could I afford to start a new Tyranid army from scratch?

At first glance, I felt that Data Slates, and Escalation was the final step towards breaking the game. However, it would appear that this may be a way for us older gamers with a shed load of plastic to stay competitive.

I have set myself the challenge of designing a competitive army based on my existing Elder collection. With a spending limit of £50.00, I intend to do some converting, buy a few cheap models online, use Data Slates and paint some of my older miniatures. I will then use this army at the Throne of Skulls tournament this March.

Next week, I will list all of my Eldar models including my initial thoughts for an army build. However, I need your help to improve the list while remaining within my set budget.

So the question remains: can I build an Eldar army for £50.00?


James Tighe

I am a husband, a father and a gamer who has a differing view on the world we all live and play in. I enjoy many differing types of games from war, card, and board games, as well as running around my house with my two boys as either a spacemarine or a clone trooper.